Finding a new hobby for 2018?

I really need to stay away from the computer a bit more. My day job involves being in front of the computer for most of the day. My home hobbies, the shop and blog also primarily involve a computer. I’d been itching to do something new craft wise for a while and so started thinking about  ...

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2018 Planner Set Up

It’s time for one of my favourite posts of the year! I love planner set up posts and they’re my favourite to read on other blogs. It’s almost worth setting up a new planner just so I can write a set up post. After spending my Christmas break putting everything together, I  ...

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Why I ditched the double cleanse

I got so excited about the ten step skincare regime Back in early 2017 when I stumbled across Asian Skincare I was immediately drawn in. Ever since I hit 20 I’ve struggled with acne. Blogs and reviews I read were raving about how great Asian Skincare was against acne and wrinkles and  ...

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