Urban Decay Naked Skin Review

I needed some new foundation. My Smashbox had run out and I fancied a change… my Smashbox had started to settle into my large pores and were resembling craters at the end of the day.

I did what I usually do. Spent some time researching, couldn’t decide, and then just picked one up as an impulse purchase.

I’d heard so much great stuff about Chanel foundation that was the first place I tried but the foundation recommended to me a) did not provide good coverage at all and b) was the worst colour match I’ve ever had. Oh maybe except the one I had at Mac that one time I bought foundation from them…

While I was shopping and despairing I stumbled across Urban Decay. I love their eyeshadows and of course their eye primer but except a blusher many years ago when Boots still sold it I hadn’t tried anything else of theirs.

Enter my accidental splurge…


I had a good play with this before being approached by a sales assistant (UD don’t exactly have buckets of staff on their counters) and had a wander around the shop and Googled a few reviews while I had it on and really liked it. This is shade 1.0 and is a better colour match than the Smashbox due to the large shade range they have. This is a lot thinner than most foundations I’ve used before but I was hopeful this would mean great things for my pores. It’s light to medium coverage so on good days I can use two pumps and my skin looks great and on breakout days three pumps is what I need.

Particularly when using three pumps it does move and settle during the day sadly and so although my skin looks a little more natural and hydrated to begin with, by the end of the day I look around five years older than I am.

I bought the concealer in light/warm to go with it because I wanted matching coverage (wwhich this provides) and something that wouldn’t settle under my eyes (which this does). I’m less happy with this purchase as the sales assistant clearly told me it wouldn’t settle under my eyes and it does exactly that. Coverage is pretty good but won’t completely cover certain angry spots sadly.

I needed a blusher and had fond memories of my first ever blusher – a UD one so picked this up. The colour is called fetish and it’s really nice. It’s a bit pinker than it looks in the photo and a little goes a long way so I have to be careful when applying! This claims to be a long lasting blush and I have no complaints with it’s longevity at all. This is probably my favourite purchase of the lot here.

When I bought the foundation my skin was pretty clear after my experiments without water but for some unknown reason it’s gotten quite bad again which has meant I’m having to use three pumps of the foundation daily which has led to similar issues that I had with the Smashbox. That means I’m back searching for a new foundation. Not to replace this, but to use on days when this just isn’t appropriate. If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

Em x