The Stationery Club December Review

Always on the look out for new subscription boxes to try I stumbled across The Stationery Club last month.

Given it was thought up and designed by Alexia Claire whose illustrations I’ve loved for a good couple of years now I signed up immediately! For a one off box it was £18 and for a subscription it was £15 a month. I went for the one off box this time.

I had a long wait for the box because you sign up at the start of the month and then Alexia sets to work making all the lovely goodies to send out at the end of the month.

stationery club1

Look at all these pretty goodies! The first thing I noticed about this box was how well everything went together with the Winter Wonderland theme.


You’ll have seen these stickers in my planner already if you’ve seen last week’s my week post and they’re just so cute! They’re a really good quality sticker and nice and glossy. The card is blank inside and I’ve used it as one but you could definitely use it as a dashboard if you really wanted.


This is the inside of the cute notebook (left hand side of the main image) and it’s so cute! The paper is recycled paper I believe? The pen is a lovely shimmery blue, perfect for writing those Christmas cards and you can’t go wrong with some lovely glitter tape.


These are the personalised planner inserts that it comes with. They’re A5 size so they go in my Kikki K nicely. I’d already done a lot of my Christmas planning so these will probably get saved for next year. As part of the box you also get a link to a huge stack of printables in this theme. These ones aren’t personalised but they’re brilliant and a great extra. If I can work out how to properly print these for my personal I’ll definitely be using them.


Finally, the craft kit that comes with the box. This is such a cute and original idea. It comes with all the instructions to make a little winter scene of your own. I made it one night and it now lives underneath my Habitat tree… (excuse the poor lighting)


If it’s not your kind of thing, you could just cut out the polar bears and penguins (they’re double sided) and you’ve got some cute ephemera for your planner or scrapbook.

This is a lovely little box and it’s not difficult to see all the hard work gone into it each month. If you want a box with a bit more ‘stuff’ for your buck then this may not be for you (although the huge stack of printables make it brilliant value to me) but if you appreciate handmade one of a kind goodies that you won’t see in dozens of other boxes then this is the box for you!

Em x