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2016 Goals and how I’m tracking them in my planner

I’ve just been looking through my blogging history and it doesn’t seem that I ever blogged about my goals for 2015.

This may be part of the reason I only achieved 2.5 out of 5 (I’ll explain the half in a bit).

Therefore to hopefully encourage some accountability I’m going to be sharing my goals for 2016 here, and will be setting up my planner to review them more this year as I didn’t do that in 2015 which again may suggest why I didn’t meet them all!

While I’m still ironing out my set up for 2016 I have redone some of my dividers and sections.


The first section is now called 2016 and this houses my year at a glance insert, and the details of this year’s goals. I expect this section to evolve as I add more detail around these goals – to do lists and research etc.

goals 2016

You’ll notice on my new divider that it’s ripped! Oh the joys of a fresh Silhouette mat! I didn’t want to use more paper making another as I know I won’t see it enough for it to bother me.

On to my goals:

Etsy shop:  Last year I reached a lovely milestone for the shop – 2000 sales! To have achieved that in 18 months of proper trading makes me really proud. I know there’s plenty of other shops that have achieved so much more in such a short period of time but I never set out to grow a huge shop where I can leave my full time job; I just wanted to extra money to spend on crafty supplies and save some money for a rainy day. This year I want to double that though and reach 4000 sales!

Last year I had two shop related goals – one was a profit target which I hit and the other was researching a product/range idea which I didn’t do. It’s still something I’d like to do one day but I feel it would require much more time investment than I can give right now sadly.

Blog: I don’t like the phrasing of this but last year I had a really vague goal for the blog (which I’m saying that I half achieved) but if I set out to gain enough of a following that I can monetise the blog if I choose I feel that provides me with something a little more substantial to go after. Something that I’d love to do that I would consider as achieving this goal is being on the design team for someone.

Be healthier: This may sound like a vague goal but it’s the elements underneath it that give the detail. The climbing and fruit and veg intake are my two non-negotiables and then there’ll be further things I want to do as part of this goal. These may seem like basic things but given my appalling diet and exercise regime last year I needed something basic to start off with!

Life/hobbies: Last year’s goal of finally mastering crochet went nowhere so it’s back on the goal list this year! I’d really like to crochet people some Christmas gifts this year. Along with reading more. I used to read loads but in 2015 I didn’t finish a single book! I’ve therefore given myself an easy task when it comes to reading – one book every two months.

On the next pages I then break down the ‘how’ of each goal and add in some extra things that I’d like to do as part of the goal.

goals 20162

I’ve also used these pages to make my goals a bit broader and thus used general headers to denote each goal. The things on the first page are my ‘must do’s but these are all related things I’d like to do as well – such as monthly fitness challenges I’ll be doing with Ed for ‘health’ and doing more no spends (I’m thinking every other month) to help double my savings for ‘life’.

As my goal journey progresses I’m thinking of setting up specific sections in either this planner or another on each of my goals – although I already have a ‘health’ section in this planner.

In terms of day to day tracking of my goals I’m utilising these Webster’s pages inserts.

goals 20163

I’ll be using one of these a month to plan. The ‘monthly goals’ section I’ll be using for tasks related to my goals and everything else will be general events or to do’s for that month.

I expect this to be ever evolving over the coming months but I’m optimistic that everything I’ve picked to try and do this year is attainable and will benefit me in some key areas of my life. Have you picked your goals/resolutions this year yet? Please share with me below what they are! 🙂

Em x