The Weekend Review: Stila Foundation

I’m not very good at staying loyal to a foundation it seems.

In the pursuit of something with better coverage I ended up sampling and loving Stila‘s Stay All Day foundation and concealer duo.


The RRP of this is £29.50 which I think is quite reasonable, especially when you consider the fact that this isn’t just foundation: there’s a colour matched concealer, plus a brush.

The brush is really nice but for foundation application, I stick to a stippling brush. I have instead been using this to apply my under eye concealer as I was struggling with blending with a smaller brush and this works a charm. I use the concealer to touch up little bits sometimes but mainly I stick to my Urban Decay concealer as I do generally prefer a liquid concealer, especially in the winter months.

One thing to note about this foundation is the fact that it doesn’t come with a pump, like most I’ve tried before. Instead there’s a scoop in the lid that you use to then pop it on the back of your hand or wherever. Because of this I’ve found it quite tricky getting the hang of getting out just the right amount of product each day. With my Urban Decay foundation it was easy.. I knew three pumps was what I needed to perfectly cover my face. Most mornings with this I’m left with a bit left over (of varying amounts) and I don’t like to waste! I also have a concern that once I get low on this, I’ll struggle to get it out of the pot but only time will tell on that one.



This is quite a thick foundation and mostly applies really nicely. Every so often though it can get quite streaky and I find myself working really to work it into my skin even when I haven’t loaded a lot of product onto my brush. I’d gone for a thicker foundation primarily to prevent that so this may be something that puts me off repurchasing. I’d say this gives good medium coverage and is very buildable if required. While it doesn’t cover everything, I don’t find I’m using lots of concealer to cover up my blemishes like I sometimes was when using my Urban Decay foundation. Unlike other long wearing foundations I’ve used in the past this has a nice matt finish to it without leaving me looking heavily made up. I also don’t really feel like I’m wearing much on my skin at all.

It does exactly what it says on the bottle in terms of lasting all day and paired with Mineral Veil I know I don’t need to worry about my make up (aside from the folding under my eyes which I’ve never been able to escape).

The sample pot I had lasted me quite some time and I can’t see that I’ve made much of a dent in the bottle so far (after using for a few weeks now) so I’d definitely consider this long lasting in more ways than one.

Would I buy this again? Probably. I’ve coveted Stila products for many years now and this is my first purchase. Given it’s been such a hit, I’m open to trying a lot more in the future.

Em x