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The Weekend Review: GHD Air Hairdryer

I’ve longed to be able to blow dry my hair straight.

I’ve tried many different brushes and hairdryers in my time and had pretty much given up on the ability to do it with an ordinary high street dryer.

When my John Frieda hairdryer died last year I had a cursory glance over the GHD hairdryers as I’d heard good things about them. I found a gift set with the Air, the entry level straightners, a brush and heat protector spray for just £150. My straighteners are probably over 5 years old now and I knew it wouldn’t be long before they’d be dead so I went for the gift set. Great justification huh?

I can’t actually review the straighteners because I haven’t used them.

I can now blow dry my hair straight.

It’s not poker straight, but it’s straight enough to be acceptable for work without accusations of being dragged through a hedge backwards. My hair is sleek, soft, straight and takes me far less time to do on a morning. It also feels a LOT healthier now.

ghdI don’t think I can use any other dryer now. I love this! It has three heat settings and two power settings. I use it on the highest heat and lowest power and can dry my hair straight in roughly ten minutes now. It does feel a little heavy and bulky at times compared to other dryers I’ve used in the past and I think people with small hands might struggle with it. I’ve been using the size 3 radial brush that the set came with and it definitely helps though it gets very hot very quickly because it’s ceramic so I will probably buy an alternative at some point.

You can pick this up for around £90 on it’s own which is a lot for a hairdryer but given just how much nicer and healthier my hair feels from not straightening it all now I’d say it’s worth it. I just hope I get longer out of it than I usually do with hairdryers – only around 18 months…

Em x