What happens when your planner set up just isn’t working?

It happened. I got caught up in the excitement of a pretty planner (okay two pretty planners) and bought it with only a vague idea of what I wanted to use it for.

I’m of course referring to the two Kikki K’s I bought in the sale earlier in year. You can find my review of them here. I’d been thinking that I wanted a separate blog planner as part of one of my 2016 goals to develop the blog and get a little side income from it. When the beautiful yellow Kikki K went on sale I knew I had to have it for the blog planner but then I saw the ice blue perforated and couldn’t choose between the two and so bought both. Because I couldn’t just leave the ice blue sat on a shelf when it arrived I changed out my nude Original into the ice blue.

planner stackSo in the end I had a four planner system (not counting my Midori or A5 I use at work). The fuschia Original hasn’t changed from my set up at the beginning of the year (read about it here). The yellow Kikki K was set up as my blog planner:yellow kikkiI quite like the dividers in the Kikki K, so I kept them and just labelled them. I didn’t do much in the way of making this pretty or filling the pockets with anything. I literally just set up the sections. The ice blue perforated had similar treatment:blue kikkiI pretty much copied the sections from the nude Original with the added section of present planning which was previously housed in my large pink Kikki K (just because I had a perpetual calendar in A5 size only). The pink Kikki K then had a little switch around:kikki k pink 2Then the Kikki K’s went back to the shelf they’re kept and rarely moved. Except for my pink because I use it a lot to jot down notes about sticker designs and the such.

I had several issues with the set ups:

  1. I didn’t move out the post planning section of my Midori into the yellow Kikki K as I loved the Midori too much, so it wasn’t really used all that much. Had the post planning bit been in it, I’d have picked it up a bit more and thus possibly used it all.
  2. The quality of the new Kikki K’s bugged me everytime I picked them up. The cheapness of how it felt, the hideous amount of page curling at the back, the poor quality inserts… urgh. There’s nothing like a planner that irritates you to put you off wanting to use it.
  3. The shelf where they’re kept is across the other side of the room so I find for day to day things, instead of reaching for the correct planner, I’d just jot whatever it was in my main planner that I keep on my desk at all times.
  4. The medium Kikki Ks also felt a little bigger than what I really needed, due to their larger ring size than the Filofaxes.

Although there were reasons other than the quality that were putting me off using them, I knew deep down the Kikki K’s had to go. I just couldn’t get along with them and had a strong suspicion that had I fixed the other issues, they still wouldn’t have been used as they should. The yellow has already sold and the ice blue has just been emptied ready to be listed on one of my Facebook groups.

I’ve put blog stuff into the pink Kikki K and am working on keeping that somewhere close by so it gets picked up more instead of the fuchsia Original and moved everything from the ice blue back into the nude Original and have already used it more than I did the ice blue. I’m also dying to try bullet journalling so blog post planning is moving into the A5 and a bujo is going into my Midori!

There are lots of people out there that like to collect different pretty planners. I just can’t do that, particularly if I hate the quality of the planner. The only range I’ll probably collect is the Filofax Originals (I’m currently swooning over the burnt orange colour).

These will now be the 2nd and 3rd planners I’ve sold just this year, all because of impulse purchases. Maybe I need some sort of planner buying intervention? No planner purchases unless it’s an Original?

I’m still refining the new set up of the pink Kikki K but I’m hopeful that it’ll help me get the blog and shop to where I want it to be this year. If you’d like to see my set up when it’s finished, drop me a note or comment below and I’ll make it happen.

Em x