Look Fantastic March Review

I’m still sticking with just one subscription box and I’m still really happy!

This is possibly the longest I’ve gone without cancelling a box or signing up to a new one.

The Look Fantastic box is such a great start to the month and I genuinely don’t think I’ve had a bad month yet. (Obviously now I’ve said that, April’s is probably going to be a stinker).

It was all about skin in March with a heavy skincare offering…lf1The only thing I wasn’t sure of on opening this box was the Emergen-C and in fact it isn’t even mentioned in the little booklet that comes with the box so it was clearly a bit of an afterthought thrown in. I haven’t tried it if I’m honest.lf2First up is this Moisturizing mask by Cordage and I’ll always welcome a face mask, especially when my skin is having a bad few weeks (which it currently is). This mask applies nicely and has a subtle scent to it. It almost has a slightly oily texture to it, which I haven’t come across before with a face mask. You have to leave it 15-20 minutes before removing which I found quite a long time for a face mask. I did however leave it the requisite time and while my skin felt nice afterwards it wasn’t all that moisturised and in fact I had to use my usual Liz Earle face mask just a couple of days later (normally I just use a face mask once a week).

The Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm was thankfully not as pink as the packaging suggested. I’ve used and loved Revlon lip products before and really liked this – it gave my lips a nice little tingle. However, the colour just wasn’t for me at all… waaay too much shimmer…IMG_7065

There was obviously a ‘dry skin’ theme with this month’s box…lf3I’d heard good things about First Aid Beauty so I was looking forward to trying this Ultra Repair Cream on my dry bits. These dry bits happened to be on my face so I ended up using this as a night cream for a few days as a bit of a pick me up. As nice as this was, it wasn’t the wonder cream I was expecting and I was still left with dry patches on my face even after nearly a week of daily use.

I love eye brushes so was excited to use the Lottie London Angled Brush although I was a bit gutted to not get the blending brush as I need one of those. This is a sturdy feeling brush and nice to use, with soft bristles and it helps creates some nice eye looks. With brushes like this I tend to wet the bristles and use it to create some nice thick lines and this works a treat for that.lf4Onto the last of the skincare now and yes that is another cleansing water! The Caudalie Micellar Water is probably the nicest smelling cleansing water I’ve used yet and really feels lovely on my skin. It removes make up better than most other cleansing waters I’ve used although I still use something else after it just to be sure everything is gone. This is £15 for 200ml and while I wouldn’t be averse to buying this, I really want to try the Bioderma cleansing water first (and that’s cheaper).

Finally is the Nuxe Anti Fatigue Moisturising Cream and I’ve been using this every morning since I got the box (over two weeks now) and the scent is rather strong. It’s kind of off putting. I do also suspect that this may be the cause of my overly dry skin recently (and why nothing seems to be shifting it) as it only started to get dry once I stopped using my Liz Earle moisturiser and started using this instead.

While this hasn’t been a ‘fail’ of a month, I think LF made a mistake putting four skincare items together. Or maybe the mistake was me trying them altogether? I’m definitely going to go back to my usual daily moisturiser and then give the FAB cream and Cordage mask another go – particularly as I really liked the last bit of Cordage skincare I got in a LF box.

For anyone else who got this box, what did you think?

Em x