The Weekend Review: March Empties

Something a little different this week and my roundup of March’s beauty empties!

It’s mainly make up this month, with a few haircare bits thrown in and it’s a pretty positive month, too. Spoiler alert – nearly all the empties this month are ‘to be repurchased’ or have already been repurchased at the time of writing. march empties 1As you can see, I like a mix of drug store and more high end products. I’m a great believer that for some products (heat protector spray for example) you don’t really to spend a whole lot of money. This Schwarzkopf protector spray does the job and doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy. Once I’ve used up my GHD heat protector that I got free with my hairdryer, I’ll go back to this.philip kingsley dry hair shampooHowever dry hair shampoo is one of those products that I find I have to spend a bit extra on. This Philip Kingsley is probably the most I’ve spent on a dry hair shampoo (£20) but it’s worth it. No cheaper ones come close. The only expensive one that comes close is the Ojon one (which looks to be discontinued now, hence the hideous Amazon price) and every can of that I had got blocked in the nozzle and so I could only use half of it. Since I dyed my hair I’m only using it roughly once a week or so but even using every other day you don’t go through it ridiculously quickly. With cheaper dry hair shampoos I tend to use a lot more in one go and thus need to buy it more often. This is definitely one of those ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’ kind of products. I will repurchase, but I’ll also keep picking up the odd drug store version every so often, just to make sure I’m not missing a gem. march empties 3

Onto the make up and something that is forever repurchased – Maybelline Brow Drama. The colour of this is spot on, application is easy and the results are great. It enhances my eyebrows without making my eyebrows look over thick or drawn on. It’s also a steal at £4.99. I was tempted to try the Kiko version but between finding the colour a little too light for my dark hair and reading some not great reviews of it, I think I’ll stick with this.

Next is a bit of a rarity for me – a foundation I immediately repurchased! I love this Stila foundation. If you go a little overboard with it it can look heavy but once you’ve got the hang of how much to spoon out (yes, it has a spatula rather than a pump, the thing I like least about this foundation) it’s fine. The concealer is also fantastic at covering up little blemishes.

The BareMinerals Prime Time is in here as an empty but when I opened it I found that although it had stopped pumping anything out, there was actually loads left! I’ve repurchased but I’m still actually on the old bottle. The only issue here seems to be that when it gets pumped out properly it seems to gather a little air in it (making it almost whipped) and so applies a bit better than when I just scoop it out of the bottom.

Finally is the one item that I’m not 100% about repurchasing, the Estee Lauder mascara. In terms of zero smudge this mascara is perfect. Removal is a massive pain though and it just goes horrible and flakey both with eye make up remover and just warm water (I’ve looked on Estee Lauder’s website and there doesn’t appear to be any special removal instructions). It doesn’t really curl though and there’s not a massive impact when I wear it. I’ve switched to the lengthening version to see if that’s any better… I’ll let you know the results!

I feel like I’m getting really settled in some of my make up choices now. It’ll be interesting to see if they still work for me in the summer. I can imagine the Stila foundation being a little too heavy for those (hopefully) hot days and nights.

There’s one downside to being happy with your routine though… less shopping to do! Any brilliant recommended products let me know below!

Em x