Tutorial: making planner inserts with my Silhouette

A quick ‘how to’ today on how I use my Silhouette to make inserts for both my personal and A5 size planners.

First up I’m going to admit that I’m quite lazy when it comes to cutting. As a cardmaker I should be pretty comfortable (and accurate) using a metal ruler and craft knife but I’m not great at cutting with them and it annoys me doing it so anything I can cut using my Silhouette instead, I will.

When it comes to printables for my planner I tend to avoid them for this reason. They also tend not to be in the exact style or set up that I want. One day I realised that I could solve both of these issues by just making my own inserts for my planners using my Silhouette. Now, this isn’t going to be a solution for making a years worth of diary inserts or anything like that but for sections of your planner that only require a few sheets, this is a nifty little solution.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll have seen the first inserts I created when I did a 2016 set up review back in January – my cleaning inserts. filofax patent fuchsia originalThey were pretty basic but they do the job – they help me track my cleaning tasks each week and month. Since then I’ve made a few more inserts for my Kikki K, which is my blog and shop planner. They’re still not amazing inserts but I’ve at least got the hang of making them. handmade a5 planner inserts

How to create your own…

First up you want to get a template page set up in Silhouette – when it comes to personal pages I put two to an A4 page and one A5. If you don’t already have one of these it’s just a case of measuring a page you already have (making sure to accurately measure the location and size of the ring holes).

Next you want to design your page. You can either do this just in Silhouette (making sure to turn the cut lines off!) or you can create your insert in another programme, save and open up with Silhouette Studio (I prefer using Silhouette).a5 silhouette inserts frontWhen you’re happy with it you’ll want to save it, making sure to call it number 1, or front. You then want to select the page cut lines and the ring holes, right click and click ‘flip horizontally’. You should end up with some that looks like this: A5 Silhouette inserts backYou’ll see that your design is no longer correctly aligned. You’ll have to move it over, ideally so it’s in relatively the same place as it was on the ‘front’ sheet, and then save this as a new document, putting ‘2’ or ‘back’ on it.

How you then print these will depend on your printer so this may be a little trial and error unless you’ve done something similar to this before.

When it comes to printing personal sized pages, I tend to do things a little differently:handmade personal filofax insertsI start off with my ‘front’ page looking like this and instead of flipping the cuts I select all the text and rotate it all round (using the green circle) so it winds up looking like this: handmade personal inserts backI find this a really quick little way to make myself some truly personalised inserts. It also enables me to be really lazy with the cutting. Next time I do download some inserts I’ll probably load them into Silhouette and use this technique to get out of cutting them out.

Hopefully this was a helpful little tutorial; if you have any questions please drop me a note below!

Em x