The Weekend Review: Estee Lauder Doublewear Lengthening Mascara

I’ve reviewed an EL mascara before – the Doublewear curling mascara.

I wasn’t impressed by it. The zero smudge part I loved. The curling part? What curling part?

As it’s the first mascara I’ve come across that doesn’t actually smudge though, I didn’t want to give up on the range and so when it came to needing a new one, I decided to try the lengthening version.estee lauder double wear mascaraI instantly preferred this as the brush was lovely. It’s straight and tapered, meaning you can really get onto evening the smallest of lashes and it still doesn’t smudge. Two ticks so far. But what about the effect on the lashes? In contrast to the curling version, it actually has an effect. It does lengthen my lashes, and because it’s a nicer brush I can really get the lashes lovely and separated. It actually looks like I’m wearing a mascara now and I’m happy using this both through the day and the evening. I’m so relieved as the more I used the curling version, the more disappointed I was and I’m glad I now don’t have to write off the whole mascara range.

Yes, I’m still annoyed by the size of the product for the money – £21 for this this tiny tube – but know it actually works I almost don’t mind paying that much for it.

I’d love to hear your recommendations – if you’ve tried a great zero smudge mascara let me know in the comments below!

Em x