Look Fantastic April Review

A make up free box this month from Look Fantastic, which suits me just fine.

There’s only so many lipsticks and eyeliners you can try when you only wear either on a night out or on holiday. april look fantastic 1Opening this up I was pretty happy – you’ve nearly everything you need for a nice little pamper session. I pretty much tried everything all in one go because the items all went together so well.april look fantastic 4I was really excited to see Rituals in this month’s box as I love their products. Between the beautiful scents and great results I’ve never tried a dud item of theirs. This is a hand scrub which is something I never normally use though I’m not sure why as it’s probably something I need right now. Because I climb and use chalk on my hands they’re now super dry and could do with some extra TLC. The scrub has a very rough texture and it really feels like it’s getting to work on your skin. It is quite oily though and so when you immediately wash it off you think your skin has been left ultra soft, but then realise it’s the leftover grease from the oil. Once that has gone though, your skin does feel a lot softer and nicer. I’m going to be working this into my weekly exfoliation routine and I’m looking forward to some great results. This is £11.50 for the 75ml (so I actually got a full size in the box) and I’d be more than happy to pay that again.

The Bloom and Blossom is free from parabens and other nasties so for those who need less junk in their skincare this is be ideal. There’s not much I can really say about this other than it’s a nice shower gel. It cleans, and doesn’t really smell of anything. Shower gels are always an iffy thing to get a in a beauty box because really the smell is the only thing that’s going to cause me to have a strong opinion on it (either good or bad). This is £11.50 for 150ml which I don’t think I’d spend on buying this again – I’m too loyal to my L’Occitane shower gels.april look fantastic 2The Tanworx tan maintainer I haven’t used yet. I don’t think that’s entirely surprising since it’s April. I don’t tend to tan anyway thanks to being ultra pale but if I do somehow get a tan during my summer holiday, I’ll be sure to give this a whirl.

Another exfoliator and this time for the body from Balance Me. I was very happy to get this as I was running out body polish. This is less gritty and tough than the Rituals hand scrub which is a shame as I do like to my scrubs to feel tough. I’m not sure whether it’s necessarily good for your skin but it’s definitely my preference. It does do the job though and after a couple of weeks use I’m very happy with it. It’s £18 for 150ml so it is at the pricier end for a body scrub but I’d definitely consider repurchasing this. april look fantastic 3Another hair mask – I seem to be collecting quite a stash of these now. This is from Briogeo, a brand I’d never heard of before. This is the first hair mask I’d seen for ages that wanted to me to cover all my hair, not just the ends. I liked using this – it applied nicely, didn’t have a horrible stink and washed out easily. My hair didn’t feel greasy or weighed down afterwards and the next time I washed my hair felt in better condition. It seemed softer and less flyaway. The effect didn’t last very long – in fact after my second wash my hair was back to normal. This is £29 for a 155ml tub which I just wouldn’t pay for such a short term benefit.

Finally another exciting brand – Elemis and their botanical hand and nail cream which is a perfect follow on for the hand scrub. I was initially quite disappointed with it though as it did leave my hands feeling slightly greasy. Using less it’s not too bad but sadly it just doesn’t match up to my usual hand cream – L’Occitane. Especially as this is £18 for 100ml and the L’Occitane one of choice is £19 for 150ml.

The only other item I’ve not tried this month is the vitamins. They seem just like Berocca so they’ve been stored in the cupboard for the next hangover that requires such a pick me up.

Overall I enjoyed trying this month’s skincare goodies and got a few tips of items to look out for/purchase in the future – mainly the scrubs. What did you think of this month’s box? Let me know in the comments below!

Em x