Post Its – pretty useful or pretty pointless?

When I first got back into stationery and planning a few years ago now post its were my weakness.

I got into them in a big way before ‘planner stickers’ were even a phrase I had heard of. Now as the years have gone by I’ve accumulated a load of them and have a very definite love hate relationship with them.

They sit on my desk, along with my stickers looking pretty (the love part). post it note and sticker storageBut do I really use them? Nope. I don’t really see much need for them in my daily planning. I still use them to write odd notes to myself as reminders (the original purpose of post it notes) but I have a LOT to get through, even after I had a destash last year and got rid of the ones I knew I wouldn’t use/didn’t like anymore. post it note collectionThis is just a sample of my post it/sticky note collection. I have about 2-3 times the amount of this but it gives an idea of the variety of post it notes I’ve got. They vary from great and functional to nothing more than something pretty (I’m looking at you, Midori sloths).

The only kind I really don’t have loads of left anymore are the thin sticky notes, because those I find the most usable of the lot. I’ve got them on my dashboard for future planning:201601And I use them in my blog planning before I’ve written a post: post it notes blog plannerBut other than that, I don’t really use everything else I have stashed in my collection and most of them are way too pretty to part with. It doesn’t help that now I’ve switched back to a personal size planner most of these are too big to use. large post it notesI’ve got 6 post it note pads like the one on the left and two of the pretty My Mind’s Eye sheets on the right. There’s no way I’m selling them or giving them away so I need to find something to do with them.

It’s the same story with checklist post it notes – brilliant idea but they take up most of the page in my Filofax. checklist post itsIf you saw my meal planning post from the other week you’ll have seen me using these for meal planning – they’re great for that but moving them around the pages when I want to write somewhere gets old really quickly. These are from Muji and not the stickiest either, so the more you move it around the more likely it is just to not stick anyway.

This brings my handily onto a point about the usefulness of sticky notes when they’re not actually sticky. HEMA is one of the worst offenders for this. hema sticky notesThe blue sticky notes on the right are HEMA and they’re just awful. I’ll never buy anymore from there again. I tend to use these as scrap note paper now, more than anything.

The yellow ones are Martha Stewart and sadly are unavailable in the UK anymore which is a shame as they’re fab (and I’ve got a few packs of these hoarded). If I ever actually need to make a note that has to be stuck in my planner for whatever reason, these are the ones I use.

I guess when everyone starts out planning there’s that one thing that you stock up on unnecessarily that it then takes you an age to get through (I haven’t bought post its for over a year now and still have tons left) when you realise you don’t actually need or even like them for day to day planning. I think Target One Spot page flags are probably the most common item on people’s lists, largely because they aren’t sticky (so I hear, I’ve never actually bought any).

So I’d love to hear below what your useless planning product is in the comments below so I can feel less bad at my stash. And if you’ve got any great uses for my big pile of post it notes, also let me know!

Em x