The Weekend Review: NYX Doll Eye Mascara

Another NYX review this week and the time of the other product from last month’s haul – the Doll Eye Mascara.

I sadly still didn’t have mascara peace after my annoyance with the removal of the No7 Stay Perfect mascara and after stumbling across the NYX stand a few months ago I decided to try their waterproof Doll Eye mascara.

nyx haulI hadn’t read any reviews of their mascara so I was going into it completely blind. It was less than a tenner so I figured it was worth a try.

Upon opening it for the first time I quite liked the look of the brush, despite it being worlds apart from the brush on the No7 mascara (which I love) as it really reminded me of the Seventeen Doll Eye mascara brush which used to be my favourite mascara for the longest time. nyx mascara

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and sadly the brush doesn’t look this great anymore – the more I use it the more product the brush seems to pull out with it and I’m forever taking off the excess before application. Other than that though, application is very good and it’s easy to get some big, separated lashes. Out of the all the waterproof mascaras I’ve used in the past year this probably gives my lashes the best finish.

At this point in a mascara review if I like how it looks on my lashes the next paragraph is usually me complaining about my panda eyes but I’m happy to say that won’t be the case here. This mascara didn’t budge at all. I was really impressed with the complete lack of smudging. I’ve worn this all day and night and still not found any smudging which for such a relatively cheap mascara is pretty damn good.

I’d like to say we have the mascara hat trick and it’s easy to remove but sadly it isn’t. It isn’t quite as bad as the No7 mascara but it does remove in a similar way and I end up with annoying black specks all over my face that I have to try and get rid of but using my make up eraser it’s not too much off a hassle. When I was on holiday and was just removing it with eye make up remover it was a bit of pain though so be warned if you fancy trying this.

Overall I really like this mascara. If I didn’t have my make up eraser I’d probably try another mascara the next time I need one but as I do I’ll definitely be repurchasing this.

Em x