The Weekend Review: Pupa Goodies

I remember using Pupa years ago.

I had this amazing beauty kit that was a bear that opened out and housed everything you would need for a full face. I loved it! In particular I loved the face powder. As it’s not available really over here I stopped using it for a good ten years until I stumbled across it in Venice airport last month. Such nostalgia when I saw the stand! I couldn’t leave without picking up some bits to see if the quality was just as good as I remembered. While they didn’t have any full cute sets like the one I used to have, I did manage to pick up a mini compact and a really nice looking primer. IMG_7667Seriously. How cute is that cat?!?! This cute little compact houses three lipglosses and a mirror. IMG_7670It’s a great little size – less than 6cm – so it’ll go nicely in most handbags. The colours aren’t quite as dark when applied – they’re more for giving a touch of colour than anything else. This makes them perfect for daytime wear but I’d probably give them a miss on an evening. The clear I haven’t used as I’m not really a clear lipgloss kind of girl. These apply like any normal solid lipgloss and the scent is exactly the same as I remember. I couldn’t really tell you what it smells like, but it’s not horrible in any way. These are pretty standard lip glosses but with the bonus of super cute packaging. Sadly I haven’t been able to find this online for a reasonable price. About £14 is the cheapest I can find it for and it was nowhere near that in the airport!

I tried the primer in the airport and liked the feel of it. As it was the face powder I loved the most in the old kit I had I decided this BB Primer a go. IMG_7669This two in one is fantastic! The tint to it actually tints the skin enough that some days I feel like I could just wear this alone. My make up applies nicely on it and I don’t see any slippage or caking throughout the day. The fact it’s got SPF is a massive tick as my foundation doesn’t have it and being oil free it doesn’t break me out in loads of spots. Once again I can’t find this anywhere for a decent price – £20 on Ebay and again that’s much more than I paid for it!

I’m so happy to have found Pupa again! And while I can’t see these particular products in the UK I have found a website with a small selection (including a cute bear kit): I’ve never come across this shop before but I’m very tempted to buy a few bits. If you’ve bought from here before, please let me know what they’re like!

Em x