August Empties

As if another month has gone already!

August seemed to fly by. I can’t believe Summer is technically over and we’re into Autumn! I’ve never been big on Autumn but suddenly I’m lusting after cute capes and anything a burnt orange colour.

Anyway, I digress! Onto the subject of the day – last month’s empties! August EmptiesVery make up heavy this month with a couple of items I must have spoken about a million times before – because they’re in my ‘forever repurchased’ list. philip kingsleyMy first empty is something I should have given up a long time ago – and if you read last week’s Bare Minerals Concealer review you’ll know why I hadn’t already.DSC_0324I’ve been using Stay Don’t Stray for an eternity under my eyes. I found pretty quickly that it doesn’t actually work as an eyelid primer but the tint to it did help to provide a nice coloured base. I therefore started using this under my eyes only. Again, it didn’t help with creasing (as it claimed) but the colour helped provide a nice base to my concealer. At £20.50 I won’t be repurchasing. I’ve really fallen out of love with Benefit lately, to be honest.

Again, if you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll already know why this next item is in the empties pile…YSL EyelinerThis YSL eyeliner is not actually empty, as you can see. But it’s so so old it really needed to go in the bin. I’ve used and loved this eyeliner for years. The best waterproof eyeliner I’ve ever come across (although the new one I bought to replace it doesn’t quite have the same staying power) and will always recommend it to anyone needing a good black pencil. Given how infrequently I use it however, I do wish they’d do a smaller size so I don’t wind up binning half a pencil at some point.

Last up is another waterproof eye product, the NYX mascaraNYX Doll Eye MascaraI’m still liking this mascara and have bought another. Towards the end of its use though, it did seem to go pretty clumpy and it (and the new one actually) had been shedding a few fibres onto my eyelashes. I don’t normally like mascaras with thick brushes so I may end up not buying a third when the current tube runs out due to this. It would be a shame though, as it really doesn’t budge throughout the day.

That’s it for this month’s empties! I won’t bore on about the One More Day dry shampoo, or Brow Drama as I’ve raved about them before (check out previous empties posts for more info).

I always like to hear people’s recommendations so if you have some great alternatives to the above, let me know below!

Em x

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