The Weekend Review: Kat Von D Lock It Concealer

After stumbling upon a Kat Von D stand in Sephora in Majorca I finally managed to get my claws into some of her stuff.

I’ve heard so much amazing stuff about her foundation and the awesome coverage but just in case I hated the brand (unlikely) I went safe and opted for the concealer instead. 

I’ve been trying for years to find an under eye concealer that actually covers my dark circles. I’ve been using three different concealers under my eyes just to try and cover everything up. Even if I can normally get the coverage I need I then get terrible folding under my eyes that makes me look about 80. The bit that sold me on the Kat Von D range is the big claims – full coverage and 24 hour wear.kat-von-d-concealer-1I’d seen the Kat Von D range newly launched in Debenhams but brands that have such a wide range of shades are a) amazing but b) impossible to buy online. Normally I’d just go for the palest shade but knowing just how pale KVD goes, I knew I needed to give this product a swatch before buying.KVD concealer swatch

This is the one I went with in the end – L9 Neutral. A nice shade just warm enough for my pale skin.

The packaging of the concealer is really nice and well made (which I really value in cosmetics) and the heart/bud shaped wand is perfect for dotting under my eyes.kat von d concealer

Does it work?

First, the coverage and for the first time in my adult life I’m actually using just one concealer under my eyes. It actually IS full coverage. There’s usually 2-3 thin layers to it but this is the only product I use now. If this is an indicator of the amazing coverage I’m even more excited to try the foundation now.

In terms of longevity it absolutely does last. I can wear it all day at work and then rush straight off to the gym or wherever afterwards and my make up still looks great at the end of the day when I’m taking it off. My only complaint is it folds. Not quite as bad as other concealers but I do still have to go patting under my eyes a few times a day to smooth out the lines.

When it came to blemishes it wasn’t that great on the big and angry spots I tend to get. I’ve found though that no liquid concealers tend to cover those that well with slightly thicker products like the Bare Minerals concealer fairing a little better.

KVD concealer

Repurchase worthy?

Definitely. As soon as I get a hint that I’m running low I’ll be ordering some more. It’s by no means a perfect concealer but that’s okay. It would have been nice for this to work on my blemishes but I know from experience liquid concealers just don’t give the blemish coverage I need. I also think I just need to accept that all concealers will fold under my eyes and there’s no escaping it. There’s also a chance my primer and foundation may be contributing to the folding and I’d be intrigued to see what the folding is like when I finally get around to buying the foundation.

My plan was to try the concealer and if I liked it, order the foundation in the same shade online. Unfortunately the foundations don’t come in the same shades as the concealer and I didn’t think to swatch the foundation in the shop. Therefore if I want some foundation I’m going to need a trip to London! What a shame… 😉 polkadotparadiso