The Weekend Review: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner & Studded Lipstick

Time to rave about more Kat Von D goodies!

I seriously need to get a trip to London in soon so I can get some more Kat Von D to add to my stash.

Today I’m talking about the cute little duo that I picked up in Sephora in Spain – a mini studded lipstick and the Tattoo Eyeliner.

kat von d lip and eye

I’m not a big eyeliner wearer due to my oily lids but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this as I’d heard so much about it. I had high hopes for the waterproof nature of this. The applicator didn’t look too difficult to use so I was hopeful I’d be able to manage a straight line.

The good news is I can actually apply this! Not a huge amount of product comes out of the applicator so if you’re a pretty confident eyeliner person you may get a little frustrated having to go over and over it. However for someone like me it gives me perfect opportunity to perfect the line.

kat von d tattoo liner

The first time I wore this was for a gig I went to last month. Hot, sweaty and a long night! Normally I’d look like Alice Cooper at the end of a long night like that with other eyeliners. With this? It pretty much looked as it did at the start of the night.

Super impressed and happy with this and will feel a lot more confident wearing eyeliner now.

Studded Lipstick

After the sales girl tried to convince me that Lolita looked good on me I went back to the first lipstick I was coveting in the store that day, Magick. I was so excited when I saw it bundled up with the eyeliner! I knew I had to have it. Kat Von D Lipstick Magick

This is a super wearable plum-y pink. One of the first lipsticks I’ve tried that I instantly thought suited me. I can easily wear this day and night time and feel really comfortable in it. The faint smell of the lipstick reminds me of something medicinal, but it’s not a bad smell. It’s a lovely and creamy texture and applies really nicely. I love the small size as it makes it easier to apply and carry around in my handbag. It also really lasts. Through my morning coffee and constant munching at work until after lunchtime. It does tend to wind up looking like lip liner towards the end but all lipsticks do on me eventually.

kat von d lipstick swatch

There’s a hint of a sparkle in this lipstick that can just about see in the picture. Normally I would shy away from anything glittery, particularly on the lips but this just works. It’s so subtle and the perfect addition to the overall effect.

When I first started using it I did pretty much wear it every day solid for a few weeks. I’m in a tinted lip balm phase at the moment thanks to the Winter coldness but this is still my go-to for a night out.

I really love this lipstick. I’d be keen to try more but I’d need to swatch first so it looks like I’m going to have to go to London!

I picked this kit up from Sephora in Spain but you can find Kat Von D online at Debenhamspolkadotparadiso