Look Fantastic December Review

My Christmas Look Fantastic box arrived!

I was pretty excited to get this. I was hoping for the Christmas party box that I was expecting November to be!

First things first and the box was super heavy. I was intrigued!

look fantastic november

Once opened I could see where all the weight was – in the bath bomb!

First impressions were mixed. A bath bomb is always welcome, but this will be the second time I’ve received Elasticizer in a subscription box and I wasn’t keen the first time. Balance Me I’ve liked before but I’m not big on cloth face masks.

Make up

I was thrilled this month to find two make up products! I’ve pretty much said each month I want more make up so to get a foundation primer and lipstick together I was very happy.

look fantastic illamasqua


The lipstick is a matte lipstick from a brand called Mellow. I’ve never heard of them before and it seems the only place to get their products is direct from them online. The colour on the tube suggests a pinky colour so I was a little confused to see a red lipstick looking at me. If you read this blog a lot you’ll know I’m not a red girl. I’ve received so many reds in various sub boxes over the years and pretty much hated them all.

At the MK Bloggers Network event this month I decided to give this colour a whirl. I actually didn’t hate it. It was a little tricky to apply for a lipstick novice like me but I was pretty happy with the results. In fact I’ve worn this a couple of times now. It’s pretty long lasting which is great. But does leave you with a thick lip line after a while so you do have to remember to re-apply.

look fantastic mellow


Illamasqua is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a while. I’ve heard amazing things but I’ve only ever been in one shop in person and it’s not a cheap purchase. This odd looking pot is their Hydra Veil Primer and it’s full sized pot (30ml) is £32. The sample size I received was 6ml and I still have half the pot left after a couple of weeks of using every other day. It will work out more expensive than my usual primer but not hideously so I don’t think.

This primer is strange. It’s like a strange jelly. It glides onto my skin beautifully though and you really don’t need a lot for full face coverage. I’ve been using this every other day so I can compare it with my usual primer (Pupa) and this definitely comes out on top. It doesn’t have a tint to it unlike the Pupa but my foundation lasts noticeably longer with this underneath. There’s generally less visible oil throughout the day and I’m probably going to purchase the full size when my Pupa runs outs.


I’ve had Balance Me products before in sub boxes and I loved the simplicity of the products. They’re no frills (in a good way), nice products with minimal nasties. This face wash is exactly the same. It’s not got an overpowering scent, it feels lovely on my skin and it makes my skin feel refreshed without feeling tight or dry. I can’t find this on it’s own, only as part of a larger kit but I totally tempted to splurge on this after Christmas.

look fantastic balance me

I’ve struggled with face mask sheets in the past. They’re just a bit of a faff and don’t seem to fit my face well. I was intrigued to try this CoQ10 and Caviar one from Skin Republic though. I’d never heard of Skin Republic before so this was all new for me. The mask itself was just like the others, and not really sized well for my face. To fit round my eyes properly it ended up going halfway down my neck for some reason. It made me feel like my face was short!

After a soak in the bath with this on though, my skin felt amazing. It felt so smooth and nourished and even a little brighter. At £5 each they’re not cheap, but they’re definitely worth it as a little treat every so often.

Hair and body

Obviously I didn’t try the Elasticizer.


I’ve tried it before and just wasn’t a fan sadly. I know it as a cult product and I guess I was expecting to be blown away. It didn’t come anywhere close to expectation and so I just wrote this off really. I might pop this in the shower and give it another whirl sometime, just to make sure I wasn’t being unfair.

bubble t

I’ve never heard of this brand before and as soon as I got this box I saw a stand in Debenhams. They have quite a range of bath products and if this bath fizzer is anything to go buy, the scents are going to be amazing. I could smell it before I even opened the box!

The packaging of this is all set up as if you don’t have to use the fizz all in one go. Sadly it dissolved so quickly I didn’t have time to save it! The bath I did have with it was lovely though with a really strong colour and scent.

I couldn’t find this on the Look Fantastic site but I did find a bag of mini fizzers at Superdrug. These probably work out a bit better value wise and I’ll probably be picking some up next time I’m in there.


After initially being not completely sold on this box when I first opened up I’ve ended up loving most products. Aside from the Elasticizer I’ve really liked everything I got this month. It ended up being a nice surprise! There’s definitely some brands on my ‘to buy’ list now for when I run out of certain things.

I have however cancelled this subscription box now. Not because of the products, but because my beauty stash is growing again and I really don’t need about 10 different face moisturisers, even if they are all sample sizes! I also bought the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar this year (review coming after Christmas!) which has only increased my stash! I’ll probably re-sub to this box in Easter. If you’re in the market for a beauty subscription box I can high recommend it. I have a three monthly contract and it works out such good value, even on months when there’s a couple of things I don’t like too much. polkadotparadiso