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Planner Society December 2016 Review

Ahh I get so excited when my box arrives!

I wonder if subscription boxes will ever get old for me? I highly doubt it. I’ve been getting various ones now for about four years and I still get just as excited when they arrive.

Anyway, once again I was blown away by everything Christy put together. It was also not very festive, meaning I didn’t have to use it purely for the winter months. This may actually be my favourite bit about the boxes – that they’re not too seasonal.

Planner Society December 2016

As you can see, a whole heap of loveliness and nothing that screams ‘December’ here. Once again there’s a rich flowery theme with some nice pockets of blues and yellows alongside the overwhelming red. Red wouldn’t normally be my first choice, but I really like it in these designs.


Up first is the traditional stationery goodies and I’m pleased to report that the sticky notes stick! If you read my review last month you’ll know I loved the design of the sticky notes but they weren’t actually sticky. These however are not only bigger and a much more useful size, but they also stick well. Perfect!

Planner Society stationery

A second pencil case for the second month running could be an unpopular choice but you’re not really a planner girl unless you have about fifty million pens so I’m sure the majority of people will find a use for this. I love the extra pocket at the front which is perfect for clips and tapes. I don’t use a pencil case daily, but this will be used for holidays and times away from home. This pencil case is a soft cotton/almost canvas material and I definitely prefer the feel of it to last month’s.

The paperclip is probably the thing I’m least likely to use as I’m not really a big paperclip person. It’s very cute but because of the legs it’s kind of tricky to use? Not sure if I’m the only one who’s found that.

Finally, another cute pen! This is definitely more me than last month’s. Not only is the design more to my liking, but it’s also a gel pen which I much prefer over a ballpoint. As you can see from the post it it writes really nicely.


Planner Society scrapbooking

Just look at all those vibrant colours! I can’t wait to get using this for my cardmaking. Some of these designs aren’t necessarily the kind I would pick up myself. They’re the kind of designs though that are so handy in terms of creating something a little different. I wouldn’t normally make a yellow based card, but I will be with that beautiful paper which will be a nice break from my usual pinky cards.

Once again some really cute die cuts! I don’t normally use them in my planning but these are so small and dainty I’m sure I can find a home for them in my personal pages. If you follow me over on Instagram you’ll have seen that I stuck one of the paperclip ones to the Happy Planner equivalent of a coil clip to make a cute page marker.

Mini Happy Planner

The little frame die cuts I’m not too sure about as they’re not really my style. They may work quite well in my my detail goal planning pages for this year though so may get used when I finally get round to writing them!


Planner Society December

Where to start with all these? Obviously the tabs are super cute again! I’m loving the blank notebook and it’s gone straight into my Midori! Sadly it’s smaller than my other notebooks but I’d rather it be too small than too big for it. The paper is lovely and smooth and better quality than other notebooks I’ve bought for my Midori.

The stamps I haven’t used yet but as I’m now in my Erin Condren style weekly personal pages I probably will give it a try as the clip stamp kind of fits in the EC sized boxes. I have so many to do’s sometimes in a day that having what is essentially a full box checklist stamp (if you put all the bits together) is ideal for me!

The washi is beautiful and once again a great quality tape. The colours are just fantastic and I’ve already been using it in the pages of my Midori. Keeping with the red flowers are the planner stickers which I’m yet to use as I’m saving them for a weekly layout. Once again these stickers are really nice and well made – they make me want to sign up for the sticker kit also!

Planner Society stencil

I haven’t had chance to try these stencils yet! I think they’re just crying out for a bullet journal! Because of this, they’re actually in the pocket of my Midori waiting for a spread to try them on. They’re a really nice selection of sizes and shapes and they’ll be ideal when I get back to some bujo spreads.

How I’m using the kit this month

Overall, my Midori got some love from this kit!
Midori Travelers Notebook

Now that my Filofax and Midori have the Planner Society tabs though, I’m running out things to make tabs for. This might be the item that doesn’t get used much going forward as I really don’t change up my set ups that often.

I’ve also finally got round to make some cards with this kit and last month’s – there’s a blog post coming about them once I get some nice light to take the photos with.

I’m still really happy I signed up for this. Once again there were some beautiful items that were really well made a joy to use. Looking at the sneaks of January’s box it’s only going to get better! polkadotparadiso