The Weekend Review: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

I’ve added to my Kat Von D collection again!

If you didn’t see my posts raving about the concealer, eyeliner and lipstick you won’t know how much I love this brand already. I stumbled across a counter in Spain and picked up a few goodies to try out the range. Now I know I love it I’ve taken the plunge with a foundation.

I picked up another concealer at the same time because I’m working my way through my first one quickly.

kat von d lock it foundation

As with the other KVD products I own I really like the packaging. It feels nice and sturdy and while a little gimmicky I guess I don’t mind. The little KVD on the front is a nice removable plug for the nozzle. Top tip: keep this so you can actually take it out of the house! As a testament to the sturdiness I accidentally dropped this last week and while it came apart, it clicked back together and nothing actually broke. I’ve never looked as worried before that I’d broken my brand new foundation!


I picked the colour through looking at the swatches on Google images. The colour is very true to what you see in the picture above and it’s a really fit good for my skin. It made quite a nice change to not be the palest shade in a range!

To give you a bit of an idea in colour, I’m the following shades in other brands:

Stila – Bare
No7 – Calico
Urban Decay – 1.0

However, while talking about shade I have to say, this foundation oxidizes like nothing I’ve used before. Therefore unfortunately, I ended up buying a paler shade last week. I picked up Light 44 Cool. Because there’s so many shades available, I was able to go up a couple and it not be too pale. It fits me perfectly and even by the end of the day with some oxidizing it looks good. In the summer I’ll either use the 46 or mix it with the 44 to ensure it doesn’t go to waste.


It’s called Lock It and it really lives up to it’s name!

This is a lovely thick product. I do tend to get on better with thick foundation so it was a good start. It’s not too thick that it’s difficult to apply though. It’s really easy to use a brush and gently build up to the full coverage (if that’s the level you want). The coverage is so good I’m using less concealer under my eyes and have only used concealer on blemishes once.

I’ve applied this at around 7:30am and worn it right up until 11pm with no touching up and it’s looked almost as good as it did at 7:30am. It doesn’t cake throughout the day, there’s minimal settling (though there is a little bit) and there’s a lot less transfer than I usually get. This is definitely the most long lasting foundation I’ve ever owned. The only issue I’ve had was the day I used concealer on my blemishes, I had some caking there. I’m pretty certain that’s the concealer I use (Bare Minerals) and not the work of the foundation.

Despite having skin that can get oily with some foundations and don’t have an issue here. No shiny patches here!

Overall thoughts

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a foundation more. The coverage is fantastic, the wear is long and tough. As someone who has struggled with shades before, the breadth on offer is fab. The oxidization is annoying but not a deal breaker but I would recommend going a shade lighter or getting hold of a sample before purchase for this reason.