The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes & Cindy-Lou Manizer – The Weekend Review

It’s been so long since I wrote a Weekend Review!

I’ve been busy trying some cute new products out and am excited to share some more The Balm goodies.

After trying a few The Balm samples I was lured in by their beautiful palettes. I grabbed one for my holidays (see the review here) and loved the formulas. When I ran out of highlighter I knew I wanted to pick a new one up from The Balm. After seeing the staying power of Meet Matt(e) Hughes on someone else I also had to pick up a shade!

I know that the packaging isn’t to everyone’s taste but I love it. It’s different and cute without being childish.

Cindy-Lou Manizer

I’ll start with the highlighter, since that was the main thing I wanted.

I love that the design on the case actually matches the box. It’s a nice design, well applied to the case and doesn’t look like it would peel off or look tatty quickly.

At first I was surprised at how dark this is, but it’s the lightest I could find. The one I got in my travel palette is much lighter. As I’m so pale I do have to be careful not to overload on this. One sweep of the brush over the pan is enough. It’s easy enough to work in and not leave you looking orange though. In terms of highlighting, it’s fantastic. I just apply it to my cheekbones on a morning and am left with a nice healthy glow. For an evening I use a bit more around my face and love the results.

The compact itself feels really well made and strong, and with a built in mirror I’ll have no qualms with taking it in my make up bag.

Meet Matt(e) Hughes

After my not so great experience with the NYX Lip Creams I was reluctant to try this. However, after seeing it on someone else I was pretty impressed.

So I made a bit of an error with this in that I didn’t swatch it. I ordered it online and relied upon the swatches I found on Google. This shade is Charming and the colour in the tube is actually pretty true to life. The online swatches were much lighter and I was anticipating a daytime colour. Unfortunately this is now an evening lippy for me. Committed is probably a much better day time colour.

In terms of application it’s pretty much like any other liquid lipstick. You have to wipe off the applicator to make sure you don’t overload on product and have fairly steady hands to get a good line. I tend to do two thin coats of this and leave it about 30 seconds to dry. That’s all the time it needs and then it’s set. It doesn’t last a whole day or night on me, but it does have the best staying power I’ve come across. It still wears off a little strangely so I look like I’m wearing just lip liner but not as bad as any other product I’ve come across before.

I’ll definitely be adding to my Meet Matt(e) Hughes collection, and my The Balm collection in general I think. When you look past the gimmicky packaging there’s some great quality make up here. If there’s something from The Balm you can recommend, drop me a comment!

Shop The Balm here (not an affiliate link, I just really rate their service right now!)