Beauty Empties March

I’m overdue an empties post!

I suddenly realised my beauty empties were stacking up and it was time to take some pictures and do some mini reviews.

Before I start though I need to clear up two things. Number one, the pictures looking back are pretty terrible! I was trying a different lense on the camera and it just didn’t look quite right. Sadly, when I got these pictures onto the computer I’d already binned/recycled the products.

Number two, there’ll be no more Affiliate links (or otherwise) to Look Fantastic. After some pretty terrible behaviour on their part I will not be shopping with, or directing anyone to their website any more. It’s a shame as they were my go-to website. However, they took my money without my consent and lied to me multiple times that they had refunded me. They also lied about doing anything to even try and apologise. It’s also made me very wary about signing up to any new subscription boxes again.

Onto the empties…

Quite a selection this month. There’s a couple of products in there I’ve had for ages and one repurchase.


As cheap Dry Hair Shampoos go, this offering from Herbal Essences is really impressive. At just £2.99 it’s pretty good value, and is easily picked up in most places. It smells nice, it doesn’t make my hair look grey and my hair isn’t super knotty after use. To get an extra day out of my hair if I’m at work or something this is ideal. It’s not my favourite drug store dry shampoo, but I’d be happy repurchasing this.

The Garnier Ultimate Blends Heat Protection Milk I was also pretty happy with. Another great price, at just £3 at the moment. Sprayed on damp hair it was much more manageable and protected my hair from the heat nicely. Having switched to an Aussie spray after this, I’m really missing using this Garnier spray. My hair is much knottier and also has lots of static, with no other changes to my haircare routine. I’ll be going back to this afterwards. I just wished the bottle lasted longer!


The Liz Earle moisturiser I’ve had for absolutely ages. I’ve been trying to use up my skincare stash and I had some left in here. This is a nice moisturiser that leaves my skin hydrated and doesn’t break my skin out. The regular Liz Earle moisturiser tends to be a little too heavy on my skin, particularly in hot weather. I won’t be repurchasing though as I probably need to start upping my anti ageing game this year!

I love a good mud mask. This Dead Sea Spa Magik is probably my favourite one. My skin feels so soft and clean after use. Despite the fact it gets super hard on my face, it doesn’t wreak your skin when you’re trying to remove it like others do. I also strangely like the smell of this, despite it smelling like mud.

Everything else

I’m not going to talk too much about the Seventeen Doll’d Up Mascara as I’ve talked about it in empites posts before. This a forever repurchase item for me – my go to mascara. It has very little smudge to it and my lashes look fab all day. It’s also a steal at only £6. Seventeen is a surprisingly good drug store brand and one I’d recommend all day long.

Finally, is the product I’ve been most surprised about recently – this Clarins Body Lotion. This was actually a deluxe sample from a gift with purchase and I love it! It’s a really rich lotion that sinks into the skin beautifully. However, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy at all. The winner for me though is that it actually lasts all day. When I finally run out of moisturisers I will be picking up some more of this for sure!

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