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Planner Society April Review

This was the month that seemed to divide opinion!

When Christy posted the first sneak peek on her Instagram lots of people didn’t seem to like it? I had no idea why because the designs were gorgeous!

I love the bold colours in this box!


I like to call these the cardmaking goodies from the box, as that’s largely what I’ll use them for.

Some of the die cuts this month aren’t really to my taste and I’m not sure how I’d use them. But the rest are super cute and will be easily used in cards I reckon. They seem to be slightly thicker than previous months, which I prefer. The sequin pot is my second since subscribing and I still haven’t used the first lot. I keep meaning to try and make a shaker card with them. I’ve found a tutorial on how to do that without a fuse tool, I just need the time to do it.


More journaling cards and these are probably the thing I’ve used the least of during my subscription. I use the odd one in a planner and that’s it really. I do find these incredibly cute though and wouldn’t want to necessarily just sell them. These have probably been my favourite ones since subscribing.

As always I love the planner stickers. This month there seems to be a few more functional ones that you can write in. I love being able to use the stickers in a weekly spread but the boxes are normally missing stickers like the circles and ovals you see above. Really I should just subscribe to the sticker kit!

Once again the tabs are very cute but as I don’t set up a whole new planner each month my use of them is limited. This month we also got another booklet to hold stickers and other planning goodies. While it’s a nice size I’m a little unsure as to whether I’ll really use it. I don’t really plan on the go and have a sticker storage solution I’m happy with. I’ve used the smaller one I received in another box and I just end up forgetting what’s in there! Like with the last one I got in one of these boxes, it also smells pretty iffy.


The washi this month is just beautiful and I can’t wait to use it in my planner. I would hoard it but you always get a generous amount on a roll so I don’t really need to. I was impressed with the sticky notes this month as they’re cute and sticky! I’ll definitely be using these all over my planner. 

I love the paperclips this month and they’re just the kind of design I like. I really can’t get into clips that stick way out of the planner. The stamps are beautiful and I really want to use but I know I’m just not a stamper. I either forget to use them or do and then it doesn’t come out well and I get annoyed. The font though. I need to find that font and make myself some stickers with it! The crown pen is a gel pen like in previous boxes. Sadly, like my experience with the last one it’s not all that reliable. It frequently skips when I try and write with it. Definitely just a bit of decoration sadly.

Finally is the list book! I love this book! I’m a massive list maker and so to get a notebook full of pretty lists is fantastic. Like the previous notebook I got in an earlier month this is just smaller than my regular Travellers Notebook, meaning it slots in quite handily.

There were some really pretty items in this months kit and the colour scheme is just perfect for me. I have however decided to cancel this subscription and May will be my last month. While I’m enjoying getting the box each month there’s just so many items that are beginning to kind of be repeats (like sequins) or things I won’t use (like the pouch). I’d probably feel different if I set up my planner with the kit each month, but I’m happy with my Filofax set ups and don’t feel the need to change them anymore frequently than yearly. If I could just keep the papers and washi though, I would in an instant!