Etude House One Shot Sherbet Cleanser: The Weekend Review

Back again with some more Asian Beauty goodies!

This time, it’s my second attempt at a first cleanser.

If you read my review of the DHC Oil Cleanser you’d know it didn’t go so well. It removed make up well, but like any other oil cleanser I’ve tried in the past it just broke me out.

It took me a while to find something else to try. It’s easy to get lost in the massive amount of blog posts and reviews out there and it can be tricky to just pick something. In the end while browsing my favourite Ebay shop I stumbled across an Etude House cleanser. I’d never heard of a Sherbet Cleanser before but I was intrigued and knew I liked the brand so decided to give it a go. Sometimes for me it’s about gut feel rather than a huge pile of positive reviews.

The Cleanser

I was drawn to this because it’s the kind of cleanser I’d never tried before. Oils tend to break me out, foams dry me out and balms I like but I haven’t found one that great at clearing my make up. The ‘gentle melting’ of the sherbet sounded great for getting rid of my make up, without potentially some of the pit falls of other cleansers. This even claims to remove waterproof mascara!

The sherbet texture is kind of hard to describe. It has a similar texture almost to coconut oil – in that it’s kind of a soft paste that when you scrape some out of the tub, melts into your hands. It’s thankfully nowhere near as oily though. 

To use, I just get a grape size amount and let it melt onto my hands. I then rub it all over my dry face and wash off. It leaves very minimal residue or make up for my second cleanser to remove. I do tend to use eye make up remover beforehand as I don’t like to use cleanser on my eyes but it effectively removes any mascara or eye make up residue left behind from that.

While some people don’t like their skincare to have a scent, I love the light citrus fragrance with this. It just adds another level of freshness to my skin after cleansing. As strange as it sounds, I actually enjoy using this cleanser – between the lovely scent and feel on the skin it actually makes for a nice cleansing experience.

The feel of my skin afterwards is exactly what I’d want. Clean, but not dry and definitely not oily either. Some days I just use this and no second cleanser and my skin feels great and ready for moisturising.

Any negatives at all?

Just one. And it’s a silly one. It’s kind of a messy product. I’ve found that when I’m scraping product out of the tub, some of it is getting on the rim of the tub and when I put the lid on, it’s then leaking down the sides as it melts. I basically have a slightly oily patch underneath it at all times and when I travel, it has to go into it’s own little bag. People less messier than myself probably don’t have this issue and while it bugs me, I don’t think there’s any alternative packaging out there to get round it really.

Repurchase worthy?

Oh yes. I’ve been using this around two months now and still love it. My skin has been nice and calm using it, and aside from a suncream related acne flare up I’ve had no skin issues during use. I also have around a third of the product left which given I only paid around £10 for this makes it fantastic value for money (the tub is 150ml). While I’ve seen quite a bit of criticism of Etude House’s skincare I’m really impressed so far. I’ll definitely be considering more products from their ranges when I need them. If you have any Etude House suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

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