My favourite phone case shop: Anita Ivancenko

I’m not big on how the iPhone looks.

Or phones in general to be honest. I like to put my own stamp on it with a phone case. When I bought my SE last year I had to pick up a phone case straight away for it. I’m pretty clumsy so getting one was a priority.

There are SO many on Etsy, it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many cases out there that just have silly slogans or something on. I wanted something that was pretty and illustrated by an artist. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Anita Ivancenko.This was the case I bought last year. At £17 it wasn’t the cheapest out there but as soon as it arrived, I knew I’d made the right choice. The way it’s printed onto the case is perfect and the case itself is extremely sturdy. There’s no risk here of any design scratching off the case at all.

This case was so sturdy in fact that even though it was only supposed to be for Winter, it ended up staying on my phone for a year.

I’ve now finally bought a new one after finding a small dent on it. That was also just an excuse as I was just itching to try out a new design.

Such another beautiful design, but a bit more suited to all year round use. Once again, the quality is top notch. The way it fits to the phone is ideal. It’s not quite flush to the front of the phone, but it has just a small lip that you don’t notice. That lip then protects the phone when it’s face down, without being something you can feel and that adds unnecessary bulk to the phone.

If you need a new phone case, you really need to check out this shop. As well as phone cases, she sells enamel pins, prints and even super cute notebooks. 

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