Hedgehog Birthday Card

As mentioned in my last post, a hedgehog themed card was also on my ‘todo’ list.

I liked my elephant design so much I decided to do something similar but with a cute hedgehog instead.balloon hedgehogAgain, the papers were from my Happy Days paper stack and I decided to try and vaguely match the colours in the cherries paper for my balloons – a pinky red and a pale green. Rather than copy the elephant card exactly I found a cutting file for a collection of balloons and they seem to work quite well as an alternative. And lets face it, the concept of a hedgehog holding balloons would be silly! *ahem* Anyway, the button is green too but you can’t quite tell in that light.

Another card I’m pleased with and another listing for the shop! Which, by the way, has had a bit of a makeover thanks to the addition of a lightbox in my life. To celebrate I finally created a simple logo (with the help of Ed, who couldn’t resist adding some touches to it). I welcome your feedback on the new set up!

What do you think?

Em x