New Thank You Card

A new card post for you today…

I have been cardmaking lately, but primarily attempting a difficult commission I recently received. Firstly, I needed to make some 3d calla lillies which seemed to take forever to perfect, followed by cutting out letters which was easier, but then I was reminded that trying to stick small letters down was annoying, so I’ve got some self adhesive cardstock on order! Lazy, I know, but I’m just not cut out for intricate gluing.

My hatred of fiddly stuff was temporarily forgotten about, as I decided to try a card design I’d seen in a variety of places over the years and always wanted to try. I couldn’t think how best to describe the design, so I’ll just show you how it all came together.

IMG_2112So you can probably guess the design of the card. First thing I did was pick out four different papers from my Blank Canvas First Edition paper pack and create a cut file in Silhouette to get this stack of pieces. I then got a plainish pink from the same pack and cut out my background and scalloped circle for the centre of my card.

IMG_2115I then arranged the pieces in a square how I wanted them to look and glued them onto a piece of cream cardstock. And promptly ran into a problem.

IMG_2116There isn’t the same number of pieces along the sides as there are along the top and bottom and so the design doesn’t really fit in a square all that well. Luckily I had some pretty blue ribbon to improvise with.

IMG_2118It definitely improved the slight boo boo. I then simply added the background pink paper and my sentiment and the card was all done.


The pink has ended up looking quite dark in this picture, but it’s really pale pink.

So the spacing of the pieces definitely needs work; the finished card is far from perfect. I’m not completely sold on the sentiment either, but I discovered that the majority of the ones I have are all white. I might have to have a play with the silhouette to make some cream ones with some nice paper I have. Expect to see a couple more versions of this card in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the card?

Em x

P.S. If you’re interested in seeing more of my cards, check out my Etsy shop!