Balloon and Clouds Card

On the back of my cute hedgehog and elephant cards I wanted to do some similar cute cards.

I had in my head I wanted clouds and a hot air balloon (no idea where it came from, probably picked up from Pinterest) and after seeing I already had some cut files I set to work designing.

I designed the card in a similar way to my elephant and hedgehog cards in that I basically designed it all in the Silhouette software. I’m going to start doing this more often as it seems to help me produce a more finished looking card. Too many times I just throw the bulk of a card together and then I’m left scratching my head wondering how the hell to finish it off and add a sentiment etc. See: heart card for a good example! I also wanted to make sure I finally used some of my My Mind’s Eye products particularly as I’d just added the enamel dots to my collection.

So I knew I wanted clouds, and a balloon and figured to best way to finish it off would be some sort of banner – I needed something that wouldn’t look out of place in a ‘sky’ themed card and I figured a flag/banner would meet that requirement.

My 'sketch' in Silhouette

My ‘sketch’ in Silhouette

I decided that rather than cutting out the clouds and sticking them out I’d get my chosen background paper – another First Edition lovely – and cut the clouds out of that and mount it onto a white card blank. It would then mean I’d have some cute polka dot clouds to use later. The paper I’d chosen was blue so I picked a nice yellow to go with it for the banner and the lines on the hot air balloon. The rest of the balloon I decided to do in a fairly neutral colour.

balloonI used the cute MME letters that I’d bought. I did find though that they’re mainly suited to scrapbooking in terms of the phrases/words used on the sheets but I think this phrase works quite well. The banner is flat to the card but the balloon is raised on 3d foam pads and I like the effect it gives. The enamel dots in the matching colours really finish the card off nicely – it felt it was missing something without them.

IMG_2359This was the next one I made. As I couldn’t think of how to use the rest of the MME words I just used the separate letters instead and I think I prefer how it looks with separate letters. I think it makes it look even more like a banner. I used different coloured enamel dots on the clouds this time, still from the same set. You can’t really tell but the middle ones are sparkly.

I really like how this card has turned out and I really feel like I’m finding ‘my style’ at the moment when it comes to cardmaking. If you like this style too, they are currently listed for sale in the shop!

What do you think of the cards?

Em x

P.S. If there’s other ideas/images that would look cute in this style or the elephant/hedgehog style, please comment below and let me know!