Livework Piyo Diary Version 3 Review

While I was buying supplies for the Etsy shop I kept coming across designs of cute diaries that looked like exactly the kind of diary I’d love.

As I’ve been buying kawaii/Korean stationery I just started looking for diaries or planners meeting that description and quickly came across Livework’s range. Their stationery is beautiful and I loved their diaries. I found a nice UK based website called The Magic Notebook that had a small selection of Livework items, and in particular, a diary I had seen and loved; the Piyo Diary. After moaning about the poor state of my current planner and the fact that there’s some parts of it I’d like to change I decided to take the the plunge and order the diary ready for 2015. I also picked up some cute stickers to go with it and nearly bought a pretty Livework pen but didn’t and then immediately regretted it afterwards (these pens, if you’re interested).

It arrived within a day or something silly like that and was packaged beautifully.

IMG_2901It also came with some little stickers as a freebie (I always love freebies).

IMG_2904Here’s the diary and stickers I bought. The cover of the diary has a lovely texture that I can’t really describe and comes with a plastic cover that you could take it out of if you really wanted to but the pink cover is actually separate to the diary itself so you’d lose use of that. The cover doesn’t provide any storage other than a sheet or two of stickers.

IMG_2902I love the little stickers. They’ll be perfect for the monthly planning pages.

IMG_2999So this is the second page and such a cute idea!

IMG_3001This is the yearly planner and while not huge I’m not too bothered as I tend not to use yearly planners for much other than holidays and the such. My favourite bit of these pages though is the things to do bit at the right hand side:

IMG_3004No idea what I’d write here but I love the idea of it. One thing you’ll notice here is there’s no specific dates/days so you can use it whatever year you like.

IMG_3008This is the monthy planner, again no dates and just look at that space to write on! Exactly what I wanted from next year’s diary!

IMG_3012The illustrations all the way through this planner are lovely and sure to brighten any bad days at work!

IMG_3013Each month starts with a ‘blank’ page at the start for notes and the such and then the weeks start with an extra box for weekly notes – perfect if you’ve got things to do but not necessarily on a given day – another thing I wanted from next year’s planner. I love that Saturdays and Sundays have equal space in this planner as I often struggle to fit everything in the space I have now. Also again, no dates. The lack of dates isn’t so you can start midyear (the illustrations match up correctly with a January start) I think it’s just so you’re not tied down to using it a certain year.

IMG_3022At the back there is a good helping of notes pages. First a set of plain on one side, lined on the other.

IMG_3024Then some graph paper pages.

IMG_3026These are the stickers you get with the planner and I haven’t come across them to buy separately yet which is a shame as they’re awesome. The ones on the bottom are to go at the start of each month and stick out of the planner so you can find your months easily.

I love this planner and can’t wait to start using it. At only £17.50 plus p&p it was really great value in my eyes and fits my criteria for what I want from a planner right now. I’m also loving the Livework brand and will probably be adding to my collection very soon…

What do you think of the planner?

Em x