My Week 2 & 3

Two weeks at once here and I’m still loving my Piyo planner.

I bought some more Frixion pens to keep on my desk for use with this planner (as the others go in my pencil case for work) including an orange one to match it. I’ve not gone mad with the decoration on this especially considering it’s not all that plain to begin with but have still been decorating my Filofax too – it’s just pointless to show in the blog as it’s full of work stuff I’d have to block out.

week 2

I love the little cat sticker – it’s from a set that I stock in the shop that always sells out pretty quickly as it’s just so darn cute.

week 3

The clip is working out well as my week marker and I’ve also used another Freckled Fawn one to mark which month I’m on (you can just see it on the left hand side, it’s a yellow arrow one).

The only issue I’m having so far with this planner is where pen hasn’t dried on the paper and I close the diary I’m finding little dots of ink everywhere that makes it look a little messy. If it’s Frixion ink then obviously I can erase it but if it’s anything else it leaves a mark which annoys me.

How have your weeks been?

Em x

  • I love the paperclip–super cute! I like what you’re doing with this planner with stickers and washi tape. It makes me want to try harder with my planner!

    • Em

      Thank you! I find it really easy with this planner because it’s just so pretty and cute to start off with!

  • I love your planner – you are definitely inspiring me to make my diary look a little more interesting!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award 🙂 You can see the nomination here:


    • Em

      Ooh thank you so much! I’ll be checking that out!