My Weeks 22 & 23

A slight break from the my week posts as last week I went on holiday!

You may have noticed that if you’ve been to the shop recently but don’t worry, it will be back open this week with lots of new goodies!

My last weeks before my holiday were pretty busy as you can imagine with all the last minute jobs. Especially as it was Ed’s birthday two days after we came back!

my week

I’ve been making stickers again! Anyone who’s ever played Grand Theft Auto will notice the Rumpo which I made stickers out of as Ed and I love those games. I’m really loving the blog post stickers as they’ve made the planner look so much neater. I liked them so much they’re listed in the shop ready for the reopening!

As for the holiday it was lovely – there will be more on that soon!

How have your weeks been?

Em x