Productivity planner review and my week 32!

I’ve finally moved in!

Actually, more accurately, I moved in about three weeks ago I was so excited but last week was my first week of using the planner! I figured I’d do a two in one post for the first week, showing off the planner first and then showing my first week’s set up. I apologise in advance for the darkness of most of the pictures – I’m in the process of setting a new lighting/picture taking solution and didn’t have time to retake all these photos!


Look how pretty it is! I never used to be a gold fan but since I bought my Kikki K more and more of it is seeping into my planning (as you’ll see in the coming weeks pages). It’s a little larger than I think I was expecting – it’s 3/4 of an inch bigger than my ECLP in both width and length. As this is a planner for home it didn’t really matter but there is a little bit of an adjustment period going on from my Livework planner to this.


This planner has me happy right away with two pockets as soon as you open it (one seen here on the right and one of the next page). Perfect for keeping my daily checklist stickers in so I’m not going through my sticker stash to find one every time I need it.


Another big yes from me is this cute page of stickers! They’re almost too pretty to use! My only concern with these is that I’ll forget to use them (I haven’t used any that are in my ECLP, for instance) so I may take them out at some point.


This is a nice little extra touch – there’s symbols spelling out words across the planner. A bit silly but it’s something nice and different from the norm.


This is in a format I won’t use however I appreciate that they’ve given me two years worth (although not a 2015 one which I find slightly odd).


This is something else I won’t use but that’s only because I have a birthday calendar set up in my Kikki K but I like the fact it’s included and I think missing from a lot of planners out there. You don’t however get a traditional yearly planner – just these pages.


A page of notes at the beginning of every month can be handy. I haven’t used any yet but I can see them being useful for project planning and the like.


I like the nice big boxes on these monthly sheets and the notes area to the left hand side. These pages are just crying out to be decorated!


And this is the whole heap of space I get each week! I’m excited and scared by having this much room to decorate. I’m eager to do more decorating and flex my creative muscles, especially as I’ve not had chance to do much cardmaking of late but worried that where I don’t have any plans it’s going to look really bare and that will annoy me no end. There’s something ‘to do’ at the bottom of each weekly pages which again is another cute touch that I really like about this planner.

Overall I’m really happy with the set up of this planner. It’s a very pretty planner and gives me lots of decorating space, which was why I moved out of the Livework planner in the first place.

My only concerns so far? I’m a heavy handed girl and the fact that the monthly tabs aren’t laminated makes me worried as to what this planner is going to look like this time next year. The paper isn’t all that thick either so you’ll see going through lots of marks where I’ve had paperclips on my weekly pages (as there’s page marker included) and bleed through of ink and glue (where I’ve used double sided tape for instance, I can see it on the following week’s pages). Finally, I’m finding that I’m having to close the planner quite carefully otherwise the paper in between the coil and the edge folds over and closing the planner isn’t all that smooth – much like the ECLP.

However, this isn’t something to put me off the planner, it’s still great value. This may just be something to watch out for if you’re particular about paper thickness and the coils in your planner. It would be interesting for those of you that have this planner, do you feel the same way, or is it just me?

Anyway, on to my first week!

Bando week 1

As you can see – the photography has come a long way!

As I said in my last latest buys post I was saving my Ink Road planner kit for this planner set up but I haven’t just used it on these pages – the main bits are the stamps, ink, letter stickers, thin pink washi and those lovely banners. The big sticky note on Wednesday is from My Minds Eye – I really love their post its, which I’m sure I’ve said before. The striped tape is from Freckled Fawn – the quality of their tape is fantastic. I just wish their kits were a little more purse friendly…

It’s a great start to this planner! I’m loving setting it up each week! The only concern for me right now is keeping it looking pretty and in good condition for 17 whole months!

Em x