My Little Box September

Just a day out of September and I’m here with my review of that month’s My Little Box!

Although I get slightly annoyed sometimes with how late in the month this box arrives it’s quite nice actually to get this towards the end of the month as I get my Brimbles Box generally in the first week so my monthly goodies are nicely spaced out. Maybe I need a third subscription box to arrive bang in the middle of the month so I have regular happy mail throughout… yes??

Anyway, on to this month’s box and sadly my least favourite of all the ones I’ve received so far…


An interesting little collection this month with a fashion theme. The scarf at the bottom is a lovely design and is rather thin and soft. It’s quite a small scarf though and normally I go for quite large ones that you can wrap around a few times and tend to shy away from smaller scarves.. they just don’t look right on me. I also don’t deal well with thin wispy scarves as they tend to blow about more in the wind and irritate me. So while pretty, I don’t think I’ll be wearing it any time soon.

The nail decals are a great little idea and I’m tempted to try them the next time I do my nails with gel although I’m not too sure they suit my normal style? I may just try them on a couple of nails instead of a full set. They also seem quite large compared to the size of my nails so I can’t imagine these were suitable for everyone.

I was really excited to see the La Roche-Posay BB Cream as I love their products. This is a moisturising BB cream and I really need it at the moment – owing to a nasty cold my skin is quite dry in places and in need of some TLC. I’m quite spotty too thanks to that so I decided to use this as a make up base. After covering my face in it and working into my skin I looked in the mirror and was horrified – it was patchy! There were parts of my skin (both dry and non dry) that it just wouldn’t work into and I had to remove it all and start my make up routine again without it. Really disappointed by this. The colour itself as you’ll see below wasn’t that great on my skin either despite being the ‘light’ shade.IMG_5889

Next is yet another red lip product! MLB really do like them. This is pretty similar to last month’s but glossy. It’s a nice enough product but the colour is probably a bit too bold for me. I really hope they take a bit of break from red lippys – this is now my third one since signing up.

Finally is the Keratase Forme Fatale – a blow dry lotion with built in heat protector. I love multitasking hair products so this was right up my street. It also actually works! I’m not great at blow drying my hair but with this I definitely see a difference – I’m using the straightners for a lot less time after drying. My style also holds really well when I’ve used this. Normally I get some pretty annoying kinks in my thin hair within a few hours but I used this before going to London for two days and it really kept its style. This is a really winning product for me and saves this month’s box from being a complete write off!

I’ve been signed up for a few months now and I’m pretty happy with how long it’s taken to get a so-so box… it was bound to happen eventually. I’m still looking forward to next month’s box but here’s hoping there’s no red lip products in sight!

Em x