My Little Box October Review

I’m aware it’s no longer October and this review is possibly a little late but I get my box so late in the month!

After I get that lovely ‘your box is on it’s way’ email I have to wait over a week (sometimes longer) for my box to actually arrive sadly.

This month I was treated to some lovely skincare treats though and I wanted to try them for a while before writing this post (because what’s the point in a review if you haven’t tried the product??)


Look! No red lippie in sight! I was so excited to get a completely skincare box for a change and the fact that I was nearing the end of my day cream and had no proper night came meant this was timed beautifully.

So what did I receive?

Tote bag

This is a lovely bag, and a really great size – I’ve used it several times already! Given the whole 5p bag charge we now get in the UK this is a perfectly timed product by MLB!

Wire-wrap beads

I was less excited about this product. They’re basically little plastic things that go over your headphones etc. Given I only really use my headphones at the gym (or when I’m really trying to concentrate at work) I wasn’t really bothered about these at all.

Creme de Minuit

This is a night cream containing shea butter, wheat proteins, cranberry oil and spirulina. I love shea butter so I was excited to give this a try. This cream is supposed to nourish your skin and help fight dullness. I’m really liking this so far and my skin is looking good lately although given I wasn’t really using anything regularly on my skin at night before, that isn’t much of a surprise.

Un Songe d’Or beauty oil

This is an oil you can literally use anywhere, including your hair. So far I’ve only used it on my body as I must admit I’m weary about using it anywhere else. I’m not a fan of oils but this is really nice with a good fragrance (not too overpowering) and it goes on the skin really well without making your skin horribly greasy. I wasn’t completely overwhelmed with how soft my skin felt afterwards but it was okay. I wouldn’t pay £29 for 100ml though.

Photo-Hydra Day

This day cream (although it’s consistency is that of a serum, not a cream) is all about the hydration and a little goes a long way which is handy considering it’s not cheap – £43.50 for 50ml. It goes on the skin nicely and make up goes well on top of it. When it comes to hydration throughout the day though I’m not too sure. I’m not greasy at the end of the day which sometimes is the pitfall of hydrating day creams and while my skin isn’t dry per se, my make up has dried into my pores and fine lines a little more than it did with my previous day cream. When it comes to combination skin like mine it’s difficult to manage your skin throughout the day (in my experience) as it’s either a little dry or a little greasy come 5pm. I’m still using my lightweight Urban Decay foundation currently so while I’m happy to continue using this cream were I using heavier foundation I would be having issues.

The theme of this month’s box was creativeness (as it was paired up with Pinterest) but for once it didn’t really shine through in the products in the way it normally does. Overall though I really liked this month’s box and was happy to be without yet another lip product. In terms of repurchasing, I could see myself repurchasing the night cream in the future but not the day cream or oil.

Em x