Look Fantastic November Box Review

One weekend I decided to sub to two new monthly boxes and Look Fantastic was one of them.

I liked the look of their previous boxes with lots of brands I hadn’t used or heard of before. I’d been itching to try another beauty box for a while and looking at previous boxes I could see that the Look Fantastic boxes had a great variety of products and a good mix of skincare and make up. The box I received was the second in their three box run of limited edition Christmas boxes.


I signed up to the 3 month plan and so this box was £13. I was pretty happy upon opening it with the goodies that I received.


Hair and body

Korres is a brand I’ve used and loved before. Their shower gels smell lovely and I enjoy using them. I am collecting quite a stash of these sizes though through Christmas presents and receiving them before in beauty boxes. The Kebelo Enriching Mask is something I’d never heard of before but I love a good hair mask. The instructions say to use a small amount but my hair must be feeling the effects of the cold because it just drunk this up like mad and so ended up using quite a lot. It also recommends leaving it on clean, damp hair for 10-20 minutes. I love a long shower but 20 minutes is even a stretch for me and I can’t be doing with getting out of the shower for 20 minutes. I left it on for 10 minutes in the end and sadly didn’t really feel much difference in the feel of my hair after use.



REN is another brand I’ve used before and liked. It’s difficult with anti ageing creams to really get a steer on how great it is with such a small sample size. I guess this is where the box potentially falls down against My Little Box for example, the skin care sizes in that last month were 30ml and 50ml which has allowed more time to see if they really work. The Ole Henriksen foaming milk cleanser lost a point immediately for being impossible to get into! It had one of those little seals that you needed to open before use but it took stabbing with scissors to actually get it opened as it didn’t have a flap to pull. The cleanser was nice enough but I’m not a huge fan of milk cleansers really – I didn’t really think my skin felt particularly soft or clean after use.


Make up

I was intrigued to see two red lip products in the same box here. If you’ve read my beauty box reviews before you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of red lippies.


The swatch at the top is the of the Dr Paw Paw tinted red lip balm and the bottom is of the Bellapierre lipstick in ruby. The Dr Paw Paw looks a little strange swatched but it goes on quite nicely on the lips. It’s a little like a lip tint though in that you have to be quite careful to use it evenly otherwise you’d end up with parts of your lips darker than others. Other tinted balms I’ve used in the past have been a lot easier to apply. The lipstick is a nice consistency and colour but I’m not really brave enough to wear it out of the house!

I’m pretty happy with this box. I’d have preferred larger sample sizes of the face cream and hair mask but given there were six items total in this box I don’t feel shortchanged.

Em x