B. Make up brush cleanser & Eye Primer review

After Boots refunded my online order when the parcel got lost I had to replace the items that never arrived.

One of those items was make up brush cleanser. I decided to check out Superdrug as I knew their make up was on 3 for 2 and picked up a couple of  items from B. to try out.

b make up cleanser

Make up brush cleanser – £3.32

Primer – £8.99 (although it’s currently on offer at £4.49)

The brush cleanser I normally use is No7 (£8 or £5 with one of their money off vouchers) and my primer is usually Urban Decay (£16) so these could be some nice money saving alternatives.

I really like the brush cleanser. I tend to use it slightly differently to how it’s recommended on the bottle as instead of spraying it onto the brush I mix it with some water and clean the brushes in the resulting solution. I’ve had no complaints with how my brushes feel after use although I do have to be careful to make sure it’s all washed off properly otherwise there’s some residue left on the brush.

I liked the feel and texture of the eye primer and it applied nicely on my lids. I used this getting ready for a night out with my Urban Decay eyeshadow on top (I wanted to give it the best chance of actually working). I checked my eye make up when I returned about 7 hours later to find that sadly my shadow had folded. There was a definite line straight over the middle of my lids. It’s a shame as I really wanted to find a nice alternative to the UD primer!1

I’m not entirely sure of my thoughts on this brand now. I’ve had a good experience with a lipstick I received in a beauty box and the make up brush cleanser is a bit of a bargain but the eye primer really put me off using anything at that price point from them again.

Have you got any great B. products to recommend? Comment below!

Em x