Look Fantastic December Box Review

Out of the two new boxes I tried last month, this one was definitely the winner.

I was very excited to receive December’s quite early on in the month and even more so when I opened it up and saw how many goodies I got!

lf dec 1

For £13 I was pretty damn happy with everything here. Not just because of the quantity of items but the size too – the lashes and brush were ‘full size’ items and worth the cost of the box alone!

lf dec 2

The first thing I was really excited about was the Eve Lom cleanser. Given it’s fantastic reputation and high price point, I was expecting a lot here. The full size of this is £40 which puts the value of this sample at £16 – it’s a really generous 50ml. Using this is simple; apply over a dry face, leave for a few minutes and rinse off. Your skin afterwards feels amazing – the best I’ve ever felt after using a cleanser. It’s genuinely makes my skin feel supple and soft and healthy. This is so good it’s made me consider going back to traditional cleansers. There’s only one problem. This stuff stinks. I’ve never used a beauty product which such a horrible, pungent smell. Thankfully it doesn’t linger after use so if you can put up with a couple of minutes of ‘ew’ then you’ll love this cleanser. I’m probably going to buy this at some point although after a few days of using this liberally I am now starting to ration it to make it last!

I hadn’t heard of Cordage before but I love a good serum. A little doesn’t go a long way with this and I need around four pumps to do my face but I’ve been using it for around a week or so and I’ve not used up my sample size yet. The full size of this is a whopping £73 for just 30ml – making this sample worth around £17. It’s been difficult to tell after only a week whether there’s a difference to the radiance of my skin but it has definitely looked in better shape recently. Someone I hadn’t seen in a while did comment on how well I looked today. For £73 though I’d rather buy a serum that had anti ageing properties in too.

lf dec 3

This Wet Brush was the other item I was really excited to try. My poor old tangle teaser is a looking a little past it now. This is a nice little brush to use but I find it more of a on the go rather than a day to day use brush purely because of the size. It just wasn’t big enough to really get to grips with my hair, especially straight after the shower when I needed to brush it back before making a parting.

I love Molton Brown so I was happy to see this included in the box. This sample size is worth around £6 but this fragrance isn’t for everyone – it’s quite a strong (almost manly?) scent but it’s lovely used in a relaxing bath.

lf dec 4

I’ve tried Lord and Berry before and liked the product and so was keen to try this sparkly eye pencil. It’s hard to tell whether this is a full size or not but the full size is £10 so I’ll conservatively estimate this at worth £5. This is a nice eye pencil and is really easy to apply – even I can draw a straight line on my lids this with this! It doesn’t smudge too much throughout the night but I must say it’s not all that glittery – just a gentle shimmer. If you want full on glitter, go for the Urban Decay Heavy Metals eye liners.

These Eylure Eyelashes are the only item I haven’t got around to using yet. I’ve never used eyelashes before as I’m scared of gluing my eyes together. I will try these though as now I own some I have no real excuse to not man up and try them… as soon as I have a Christmas party these will be tried!*

*The night before in case I really do glue my eyes together!

This was box was amazing. The value of the contents is crazy and oh so worth the £13 monthly price. The fact that I finally know what all the fuss about Eve Lom is thanks to this box also makes it so worthwhile. Everything here also works so well together – you could use all this getting ready for a Christmas party and feel fabulous afterwards.

Roll on January’s box!

Em x