Webster’s Pages Review

I’ve always been intrigued by Webster’s Pages planners but never loved the look of them enough to want to buy one full price.

Like seemingly everyone else in the UK I picked up a WP planner when Create and Craft reduced them to £3 each a few weeks ago. Sadly I missed the filled ones and the filled folios so just settled for one planner and a few extras as they were 3 for 2.


The caramel colour was the only one I really liked the look of and was the kind of colour I don’t have in a planner already (I have lots of blues and pinks). It came in a box which I thought was a very nice touch. Especially considering Filofaxes don’t anymore (boo).

This planner looks nice. It’s a good colour. I would be happy to use this based on the colour. It does however feel cheap and like it just has thick cardboard inside. I do think though that it will feel a lot nicer when it’s actually full although currently I have no idea what I’m going to use this for (I’m debating sticker storage).


Clearly it would need some training to lay flat. I’m not overly impressed with the pockets (I don’t like big pockets like that on the left or notebook pockets at the back with no included notebook) but the rings are good and that page marker is cute (and probably going in my new Kate Spade).


These are nice little inserts and I’ll be using them next year in my planner to plan my month out instead of the little Project Life card system I’ve been using lately. My only issue with these inserts is how poorly they’re punched! You can just see in the picture how bad these look. I guess this just matches my suggestion of cheapness when it came to the planner.


This craft kit I added on because it was free. It’s a bit of a random selection really – a paper dress and bow kit, embellishments, blank cards, envelopes, tags and a paper pad. The paper pad has some pretty designs and it was lovely thick paper but everything else in the set was a bit disappointing.

I’m glad I picked this this lot up – it came to £9 in total including delivery – just to see what people were going mad over earlier in the year. I’ve seen the planners sold from between £20 and £35, depending on whether it’s filled or not. Based on what I’ve seen here I wouldn’t pay that when I could pay a bit more and get a nice Filofax. To get the planner empty as a starter planner for someone just starting out I would recommend but based on the inserts I bought, although pretty, I couldn’t recommend them  due to being as poorly punched as that and I wonder how long they’ll last in 2016’s planner set up before I get rid of them.

Everyone seems to rave about these planners I feel like the only one with this opinion of WP – anyone else out there as unimpressed as I was?

Em x