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My Little Box January Review

Business as usual with My Little Box and an arrival quite late in the month again.

Nevertheless I was excited to get it open and see what treats were in store this month.

mlb1As much as I loved the colours here, I couldn’t help but feeling a little ‘meh’ at the selection. The first things I looked at were the ‘lifestyle’ items this month: a diary and a set of bracelets.


The diary is cute. I liked it. But I received this in the third week of Jan. Anyone who wants a diary will probably have one by the third week of Jan. Although I would never have used it because of my Filofax this feels like it would have been better sent in December’s box maybe? The bracelets are quite frankly useless. They come on little cards and you’re supposed to give them to friends. This strikes me as the kind of thing that you’d send at the age of 13. The bracelet that’s ‘just for you’ that had gold plating on had already started to come off before I even touched it. It hardly screamed ‘quality’ to me. I hate to contribute to landfill but that’s where these are going sadly.

I was a little more optimist about the beauty goodies this month…


First up was this NoxiDori scrub. Although you wouldn’t think it was a scrub with a name like ‘mask & peel’. As usual, the instructions were completely in other languages and the card that comes in the box didn’t help other than letting me know it was a scrub. After using it like a scrub and leaving it on my skin for a minute or two, unsure really what I was doing my face started to burn. I quickly took it off and saw the reddest skin I’ve ever seen on my face. There’s no way I’m ever putting anything like that on my skin every again and this went straight in the bin. If they’re going to put something that abrasive in a box I don’t want anything else they have to offer to be honest. This is the second skincare item from these boxes that I’ve had issues with – the Bliss exfoliating facewash broke me out. I wish I could say I normally have sensitive skin but I really don’t which makes this even worse.

I knew I was safe with the REN cleansing water as I’ve used REN products before and really liked them. This is a nice cleansing water with an infuriating bottle – there is just a small little hole for squeezing the water through and it’s just so unnecessary. Using this becomes an effort and that’s exactly the opposite of what it should be.

The My Little Beauty lip balm is nice. It has a lovely smell to it and applies nicely to the lips. I feel like the product sits on my lips though, rather than sinking in so I’m not convinced really of it’s moisturising properties.

The day I received this box I cancelled my subscription. That was even before the reaction to the scrub. That really cemented the decision for me. Aside from the odd one (like the tshirt I received in my first box) the extra lifestyle items weren’t really working out for me and just felt pretty useless and I was being increasingly uninspired by the beauty products each month. The fact that I couldn’t read the usage instructions on half of them didn’t really help. It’s taken me nearly a year to reach this point with the box which isn’t bad going but I can’t see me going back to this ever. I’ll just save my £14 a month.

If you have any great box suggestions please let me know below!

Em x