The Weekend Review: Du Wop Plumping Lip Tint

I’ve wanted to try Du Wop’s Lip Venom for years and never got round to it.

It’s a cult product and I was forever reading rave reviews. It always seemed pretty difficult to get hold of though and expensive. Plus, I’m not a massive fan of gloss. I have long hair and live in England. Wearing gloss just means I’ve forever pulling hair out of my mouth!

While browsing Look Fantastic last weekend, trying to hit a threshold for a free bag of goodies I came across the Du Wop section of the site. I had no idea they sold it! I was itching to buy the Lip Venom to try but I knew I’d hate it because it was a gloss, even if it did plump my lips loads. Then I came across plumping lip stains and I was sold!

duwop1I love lip stains but I find normally that they settle into the lines in my lips (I frequently have dry lips) and just look like I’ve been drinking red wine. I couldn’t see many reviews of this online so I decided to take a bit of a risk…dup wop 2I had managed to find a swatch online so knew this doesn’t apply as dark as it looks in the tin. But generally that’s the great thing about stains – you can build them up quite nicely rather than having a big instant hit of colour.du wop 3This is just one application on the back of my hand. This is perfect for me as I don’t really go for strong lipsticks, I’d rather have a natural tint.

This was £21 for a tiny tin so it was quite a pricey risk to take. However, I LOVE this. The colour builds up to be a lovely natural tint with a little bit of a sheen to it. While the sheen disappears through drinking, eating etc the tint lasts really well. It doesn’t settle into my imperfect lips which was my biggest fear with this. There’s a slight tingle which I didn’t mind while it plumps and although I wasn’t blown away with how much it plumped there was a definite plumping effect. While looking for reviews I had read someone complain that this dried their lips out but that really wasn’t the case for me, even though I have pretty dry lips most of the time.

This is my new favourite lip product, hands down. While I think its suitable for daytime use I’m tempted to pick up the nude version for through the day instead. I am also now itching to try more Du Wop products… particularly their face balms.

Em x