How do you choose new foundation?

Given I rarely repurchase a foundation I should be quite skilled at choosing and sampling a new foundation by now.

As my skin seems to change quite often I frequently find myself loving a foundation at the start of the bottle, and feeling indifferent to it by the bottom. I then end up hitting many different beauty counters and have various little sample pots and bottles lying around the bathroom…foundation samplesGiven I probably do this once a quarter, I’ve got a nice little routine mapped out now for the search for a new foundation…

  1. Check out blogs first to get a bit of a shortlist. Google the kind of foundation I’m after (matte, full coverage etc) and make a little list of the most raved about suggestions.
  2. Try some product on my face in the shop to get an idea of how it feels, whether the colour matches and if the coverage seems enough.
  3. If I ask for some help, I’m always weary if the only thing the sales assistant suggests is the newest release (I’ve had this happen a few times and more often that not it’s not the most suitable product for me).
  4. I’ve started checking out the packaging of the foundation after growing frustrated with the Stila foundation I bought which I didn’t get along with at all.
  5. I’ve also started smelling the product, after finding the Stila smelt strongly on my skin (but the sample I had didn’t).
  6. Get a sample! I can’t count the amount of times where I’ve been so happy with how the assistant applied the foundation only to get home and hate it. A sample is also very telling in terms of how long a product will last. The Dior sample pictured above lasted two days, whereas the Stila one (the clear pots) lasted almost a week.
  7. I make sure I get the sample well labelled if I’m taking more than one colour of the same foundation. As you can see the name of the Stila colour above rubbed off completely where it was just written on in marker.

I’m rapidly running out of my Stila foundation and although I’m generally happy with it, I might have a little look around to see what else is out there. If you’ve got any tips of your own for foundation shopping, drop me a comment below!

Em x