The Weekend Review: Ecotools Eye Perfecting Brush

While looking for a new eyeshadow blending brush which Boots seemed to have none of, I came across an under eye brush and was intrigued.

I’ve never tried Ecotools brushes before but hadn’t really heard anything negative about them so in the basket it went…


The pouch that it comes in is quite nice, although the big plastic peg tag at the top is quite annoying and makes the pouch quite long. The brush head is a decent size, just over 1.5cm. I’d recently moved over from a small concealer brush to a wider one and loved how much easier it applied and limited the settling lines under my eyes.eye2This is a lovely brush to use. I’d never thought of using a rounded brush under my eyes before but this definitely improves application. With this I can pat the concealer into the skin, rather than spreading it across like I was with previous brushes. This is similar to when I moved from a flat foundation brush to a stippling brush – the product is applied and looks so much better. While the product still settles under my eyes, coverage does appear much better.

I really like the quality of this brush, with the bamboo handle and nice soft bristles, I wouldn’t hesitate to try another Ecotools brush the future. This is currently on my Amazon wishlist!

Em x