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What do you do with your unloved beauty stash?

So a few weeks ago I talked about an ever growing beauty stash.

It got me thinking about all those beauty products I have in my stash that I know deep down I’ll never use again.

You must have a similar collection too, skincare that you thought was going to change your life but just fizzled out of every day use. Make up that doesn’t last more than hour. My bathroom is full of them.

Anything that immediately irritates me, or causes a reaction (though it is rare) gets put straight in the bin; they’re easy to make a decision on. But those where you don’t have any strong feelings towards are a bit trickier. I’m looking at three main categories of product currently filling up my bathroom storage unnecessarily.

I don’t particularly want to go throwing things in the bin all the time but if it’s something that doesn’t work I don’t exactly want to donate it to a friend to try and be equally disappointed in. This is the current case with the Superdrug eyeshadow primer I reviewed here last year: b make up cleanserIt doesn’t work on my lids at all. When I came to that realisation it went out of my day to day make up storage and into the black hole where extras or infrequent use items of make up go. Why didn’t I just throw it in the bin? I know I didn’t like it and that I wouldn’t recommend or give it to anyone else so why keep it?

When it comes to products that just don’t match up with my current routine, it’s a little harder to decide what to do. A perfect example of this is another product I reviewed here on the blog, the La Roche Posay Effaclear anti blemish skincare set:effaclearInitially I thought this worked for my skin and I could see a difference in my spots but then the results seemed to plateau. I was then recommended to try ‘water free’ and go back to basics with my skincare and stop using lots of harsh products that would irritate, rather than heal my skin. I did that and for months now I’ve been using Liz Earle moisturisers and simple cleansing waters (with the odd cleansing balm thrown in here and there) and I’ve seen a massive difference in my skin. I still have about half left of each of the above products and while I’m not using them currently and can’t see myself going back to them, I can’t shake this feeling that one day I might just wake up and decide I need to use Effaclear face wash again and if I’ve binned everything then I’ll have to waste money repurchasing.

This does however bring me onto a question around use by dates on skincare and make up…

There are those  products that you just don’t ever get around to using. These are generally products that came as part of sets (usually Christmas sets from Boots) and possibly came without seals on the lids. This is the case with some No7 Protect and Perfect day and night cream, I bought as part of a big hat box of goodies four (yes, four) years ago. I should have been a bit more strict with myself and just used them but there was always something else I wanted to try, or more often than not I was too busy fighting acne to worry about wrinkles. So because they didn’t have seals on (or I may have taken them off long ago when I was going to use them) I’m facing into the fact that they probably should go in the bin because the recommended length of time on the back is 24 months and they’ve clearly been open much longer than that.

I must admit I’m not normally a stickler for dates like that though – I have Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes that technically need to go but I refuse to part with them. For something that I know deep down I’m never going to use though, it might just give me the excuse I need to get rid at last.

I know what I need to do. I need to cleanse my whole beauty stash and get rid of everything opened that I know I’m not going to use in the next 3 months. I know I’ll feel a lot better for it.

What do you do with those items you know you’ll never use? Do you do a monthly/quarterly clear out? Do a swapping session with friends? I’d love to know, so please leave me a comment below!

Em x