The Weekend Review: Liz Earle Superskin Minis

I was placing an order with Liz Earle a couple of weeks ago as I wanted a new eye cream. While on the site I decided to pick up a few minis to try to help my poor dry skin.

I love it when brands do minis of their products. Especially if it’s quite pricey skincare, I don’t really want to be dropping £40+ on something without trying it for a few days at least.

My skin has been pretty dry and terrible lately, I’ve no idea why. Even with the slightly warmer days I’m finding a lot of dry patches on my face and throughout the day I’m finding my foundation drying out and getting cakey. I was already using a hydrating serum (that I received in my March Look Fantastic box) in the morning so I wanted to try an evening treatment to help sort my skin out.

I already use the Superskin Moisturiser by Liz Earle and really like it. I’d never tried the Superskin Concentrate for Night before though and noticed that it came in a trial 2ml for £6.50. I decided to give it a whirl, along with a mini of Superbalm.

liz earle superskin minis

Don’t be fooled by the size here, a little goes a long way. I’ve had this a couple of weeks and not even used half of the vial yet. As I haven’t used a facial oil before I had to get used to how much to apply each night (for the first few nights I probably wasn’t using enough). The scent of this is lovely and it feels quite luxurious applying before bed… it definitely invokes memories of spas and facials. My skin feels lovely and plump after use and after a couple of weeks of near daily use I’m seeing an improvement in my skin. However, it’s £21 for a 10ml rollerball, or £42.75 for 28ml. I like it but I’m just not sure I’m ready for the investment of a full size just yet. Maybe I’ll get another 2ml vial next time I’m making a Liz Earle purchase (no doubt that’ll be soon) and give it a little longer to decide.

The Superbalm 5g pot is £5.25 and the full size 30g is £17.25. If I’m honest I can’t see why I would need the full size as a little of this stuff goes a long way and this little pot will last me forever. This really truly is a superbalm and it’s not often I can say a beauty product really lives up to its name. It warms up into a bit of an oil and you can pretty much put it anywhere you’ve got some dryness (within reason). It wouldn’t surprise me if people use this on their hair. I use it mainly for random little dry patches on my skin, particularly where I’ve had some pretty bad spots. Recently though I got a nasty cold and my nose was red raw. However, I didn’t have my usual issue of trying to cover up a flakey nose with make up because I just popped some of this on my nose at night and woke up to perfect skin! It’s a bit of miracle worker on poorly noses and cheaper than the thing that normally gets recommended to me for a dry nose (8 Hour Cream). I think I’m going to try this on my poor dry cuticles (I go climbing and it’s really starting to have a detrimental effect on my hands) and see if it has a similar effect.

Since kind of ‘rediscovering’ Liz Earle last year I’m starting to build up my stash again. I may start to bore you with reviews and chat about it soon but I really can’t recommend her products enough. It’s a shame I wasn’t completely sold on the skin oil but I can be a bit of a cheapskate – for that kind of money I want wow results and sadly I just didn’t get that.

Em x