My Week #14

Does anyone else come to a Sunday evening and realise that if they didn’t pay attention each week in their planner would look the same?

I have to really force myself not to use the same colours week in week out. Blues, yellows and pinks have pretty much been all I’ve been interested in so far this year and this week I made a concerted effort to do something different! It’s been a pretty good week although I haven’t quite got everything I wanted done (because I’ve been playing a game called Stardew Valley, it’s so addictive!) I do have Monday and Tuesday off next week though so I’m going to use that time to catch up on life!

my week 14

Although I’ve not completely avoided yellow this week it’s just a little bit to brighten up the grey. I’m still loving my meal planning stickers and need to make myself some more before planning next week.

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Chocho and Mimi
Stick with me Shop
Once More With Love
Bubba Bear Studios

Em x


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