Midori/Bullet Journal set up

After trying out a new Kikki K as a blog planner and hating it I moved everything into my old bubblegum pink large Kikki (that I was already using as a shop planner).

This meant that the Midori I was using a blog post planner was no longer being used. That suited me just fine as I was itching to try out a bullet journal as something I could carry around for doodles and random notes. After ordering a few bits for it I’ve finally got it all set up and ready to go… limited edition blue midoriThis is the blue limited edition from last year which is sadly unavailable now (unless you want to pay silly prices!) and I love the colour. I’d always liked Midoris but wasn’t a fan of the blue or brown so when this was released, I knew I needed to have it.

I’ve packed this cover out, with three notebooks and a card holder/pocket which is probably a little too much, but I just get away with it.midori 2I open up on my old monthly insert from Ali Express that I’m just reusing as a general calendar. I don’t intend on putting everything into this calendar, just enough so that I want to make plans or organise anything while I’m out I won’t need to wait until I come home to look at my full planner. midori 3This is a nice insert and cost me less than £2 – much more preferable to the official Midori calendar insertsmidori 4I bought a set of this faux leather tabs for the new set up, instead of filling the thing with paperclips as I find they just get in the way, especially with something that’s supposed to just be thrown in my bag all day.midori 5Next up is my bullet journal insert and this is from Travelers Times on Etsy. I wanted it to be the middle insert as I find it easier to write in them. midori 7As you can see the paper in the insert is very different to the first and it took me a while to get into but I now love it – using a fineliner. I didn’t really like it when I was using gel pens on it. The ruler/page marker was another cheap find on Ali Express – really handy to have and the stencils are cute! You can find these on Etsy but they’re less than £1 if you’re willing to wait for Ali Express. I haven’t got any pictures of the bujo in use yet and this is largely because I’m still experimenting with it but once I have it set up fully I’ll be sure to take you through my system.midori 8Next is my plastic wallet, another bargain find from China and less than £3. I can’t fit all my loyalty cards in my purse and always forgot to pop them in my purse ready for going somewhere so I wanted a card holder for the Midori to get around this issue. It also has a zip pocket and another little pocket, perfect for other bits and pieces. midori 9Finally is my last insert which I’ve called my ‘house’ insert as I intend for this to be a bit of a goals notebook (and as my next big goal is to buy a house it makes sense to call it that). I’ve not done huge amounts in this yet but it’s going to be another bullet journal with lots of collections/note taking interspersed with to do lists. This paper is lovely and very much like the calendar insert, largely because once again it came from China for around £2. Because it’s more porous than the Travelers Times notebook though, I’m not sure I like using my fineliners on it. midori 10This is the zipped pocket which at the moment just has the faux leather stickers in but I can see it getting filled with receipts and the like eventually.

So that’s just a quick tour of my set up. The only thing it’s missing is a pen loop but I don’t particularly want to pay for the Midori one (plus the colour doesn’t match) and the Leuchtturm one in navy seems to be unavailable (discontinued?) I’m going to have to try making my own at some point I think.

I’m still getting the hang of bullet journaling and still working out a system/key so if you got any links to some great set ups please let me know below and I’ll check them out! I’ll also do an update once I’ve got the system exactly how I want it.

Em x

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