Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens Review

When I set up my Midori/bullet journal I set about finding some new pens for it.

I’d used gel pens in my Midori in the past and didn’t really like them on the paper. Plus I wanted to try out some lettering to see if I could get good enough to incorporate it into my card making and I didn’t want to do that with gels. After reading around various blog posts it seems everyone loves these pens. I’d had some experience with Faber Castells before and liked writing with them but wasn’t so sold on the depth of colour. It seemed that the Pitt Artist pens didn’t have that problem due to the India ink inside them.

I went with a pack of four from Amazon as they were cheaper than buying separately and it gave me four different sizes to try out from 0.3mm to brush. IMG_7264If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll have seen these pens in use already. The smallest of the pens (0.3mm) I’ve been using in my bullet journal: IMG_7365I’m not a neat writer with small nibs at all but I’m practicing! I may switch to using this in my Filofax in future where I don’t have loads of room to write.

In this week’s planner pages I was using both the F (0.5mm) and M (0.7mm and my usual nib size in a gel). faber castell pitt artist penThe meal planning is the M which is way too thick for my planner and the rest is the F – which as you can see isn’t really that much different to the S (I assume because I’m quite heavy handed when I write). My preference is definitely the F although I can’t always write that neatly with it. If I had an Erin Condren or similarly large planner I’d have no issue using the M at all.

I’ve done a little practice with the brush pen so far:IMG_7364As you can see – the fact I’m so heavy handed really shows here in the way that the thin parts of the letters aren’t all that thin at all. Some of the letters look good – but not exactly how they’re supposed to!

I really like these pens. As you can see, there’s no issues with depth of colour in them and they’re really nice to use. As it’s been a while since I’ve used fineliners I really need to practice using them again to get the most out of these as currently my handwriting isn’t all that nice in them (I’m too used to writing with gel). The more I use them the more I’m reminded how much I like fineliners – which is why the F got pinched for my Filofax!

Em x

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