The Weekend Review: Murad Blemish Clearing Solution

I’m going to do something a little bit different today and review a sample I was given.

I was killing time, wandering around John Lewis one day when I was approached by someone on the Murad counter, asking me if I’d ever used or heard of Dr Murad and giving me a night cream to try. The girl was lovely and we got chatting for quite a while about my acne. Despite changing nothing about my routine, my acne had started to flare up again. The girl said she herself had suffered for years until she discovered Murad. The cynics among you are probably thinking ‘that’s what they all say’ and I did too at the time.

After a little more chatting she gave me another sample to go away with – the blemish clearing solution with clear instructions to use a small amount on my acne twice a day. murad boxesI set to using both products, trying to keep an open mind. After two weeks of use I like the cream. It feels nice on my skin and although the girl told me it was for night it doesn’t feel too rich for use in the AM. Given I’ve been having issues with dry skin lately using this did seem to help so this could be a good alternative to my Liz Earle Superskin if I ever fall out of love with it. At £55 for 50ml, it’s slightly more expensive but a little does seem to go a long way.muradI must admit I had high hopes for the clearing solution – especially as the box proclaimed that 96% of users saw an improvement within 72 hours (in a Murad sponsored study). Sadly I was in the 4% and it took a little bit longer to start seeing some results. However these were shortlived and after two weeks of use I’m sat here with possibly slightly worse skin than before. My skin in general does feel smoother and softer so I do think it’s had some benefits there but my acne is still bad and painful in places. It does seem to have worked on my decolletage though so I’ll continue to use this on my body spots. Given how little you need it’ll take me ages to use this generously sized mini. At £29.50 for 50ml it’s one of the more expensive spot treatments I’ve seen which if it had worked, I’d be more than happy to pay.

I’m sure if I went back to the counter they’d tell me that if I used the full routine I’d get better results but I just don’t want to go back down that road of using loads of stuff on my face. Increase in acne recently aside, my skin does look and feel great with a simpler skincare routine. If I could just find a reliable acne treatment, I’d be sorted.

Have you tried anything by Murad? What were your thoughts? As I liked the face cream I’m open to trying new things from the brand so please let me know any suggestions below!

Em x