How I use premade checklists in my planner to keep me on track with habits, chores and life!

I love a good to do list. I also love checking things off my lists.

The only reason I haven’t migrated to a full bullet journal (which to me, it just a series of awesome to do lists) is because I like the whole planning out my week that I do in my Filofax.

I also love a good routine.

However, I don’t like writing the same stuff out over and over again.

Enter my Silhouette.

I’ve been able to utilise my Silhouette to create bespoke checklist stickers and inserts to help me create some good habits and save me writing things out repeatedly. Today I want to take you through the different things I track, how, and why. If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ve probably already seen them all separately, but not altogether as one big weekly life plan.


So this is the bit you’ll often see on here, my daily task list. IMG_7393These are all the things I’d like to do daily and they change every so often as things become a habit and no longer need to be on there (like my water intake, it’s very rare I don’t get at least two litres daily now) or I get new ideas or focuses (like the tasks one, which I’ll explain in more detail below).

At the start of the year I set my 2016 goals and I’ve tried to make these daily tasks broadly help towards achieving those:
Clean is basically any general cleaning like the washing up, tidying or a clothes wash.
Tasks is completing at least two of my weekly tasks (I have 14 in total so if I did 2 a day I’d have done everything without trying too hard).
Veggies is to have at least 4 portions of fruit and veg daily – I’d like it be more, but I need to get into the habit of 4 before I try and increase!
Moisturise is using a body moisturiser – face cream is already a given for me.
Social is posting on Instagram/Twitter.
Etsy is posting an Etsy shop update.
Blog is being up to date with the latest posts of the blogs I follow.

Having this sticker in my weekly set up really helps me keep focused. If I sit at my desk at the end of the day and I’ve barely marked anything off it really gives me a shove to get as many as I can ticked off before I go to bed.


I have two kinds of tasks I track weekly – beauty and cleaning. These are the tasks you saw mentioned above in my daily planning – there’s 14 in total.IMG_7394These are all pretty self explanatory – other than the floss which I know you’re probably supposed to do more than once a week, but again I wasn’t doing it at all before so I need to at least get to weekly first. This sticker gets stuck on my monthly overview page where I pop all of that month’s goals and tasks.IMG_7395Again, these are pretty self explanatory. It’s not to say that these don’t/won’t be done more than once a week, but that’s a minimum.

I’d love to say I complete all my weekly tasks each week but I’d be lying. That’s why I added in ‘tasks’ to my daily tracking – to help keep me focused on them a bit more. It’s been about five weeks since it got added on there and I’d say it’s had a little positive impact so far.


I guess for me this is the next step. I don’t currently have any routines in place for anything that needs doing less frequently than weekly but there’s lots I probably should. I’m not sure a checklist like those above would necessarily work. I almost need another insert with a yearly planner on where I can mark where certain things should be done – haircuts, toothbrush replacement, car washes etc.

If you plan bigger tasks that I’d love to see/know how! Drop me a comment below – I’m open to all ideas!

For the daily and weekly tasks though, this set up seems to be working really well for me. If you’d like to do something similar (shameless plug time) you can find custom daily checklists in my shop here and custom weekly/monthly here. If you like to change your daily tasks pretty often you can also find blank ones you can fill in here.

Em x